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Mixing Memory with emotion

AXOR Urquiola: An artful fusion of styles

The fascinating interplay of references, shapes and influences

AXOR Urquiola artfully combines shapes that recall diverse eras and styles. Characterised by unconventional asymmetries, a surprising mix of flat and rounded surfaces, and expressive flourishes that include a wave on top of the mixer spouts, the collection is extravagant, sensuous and strikingly original. In addition to mixers for the wash basin, bath and shower, AXOR Urquiola includes wash bowls, wash basins, bathtubs and accessories. The collection is equally at home in minimalist settings, where its unique forms are the focus, and in eclectic settings, where it naturally blends with the mixed décor. 

Design: Patricia Urquiola

Inspired by everyday life

Making a room a home: The bathroom as a personal statement

AXOR Urquiola two-handle basin mixer.

“The bathroom comes alive through little memories and personal items that make a room a home. There are things which are vintage, elements which are contemporary design, but I think when you see all of it, there is a mix of new and some nostalgic pieces. Everything lives together. It’s not a bathroom, it’s part of my intimacy. The mixer has to be personal, just as with AXOR Urquiola.”

- Patricia Urquiola
Crafted with sculptural precision

Mixer handles with large openings for a delicate overall impression

AXOR Urquiola wall-mounted single lever basin mixer.

Whether single-lever, three-hole or wall-mounted for concealed installation, as shown here, the basin mixers feature distinctive, carved-out, open handles. The AXOR Urquiola countertop wash basin, a modern evocation of the traditional wash tub, comes with horizontal side slits that mimic handles while conveniently serving as towel holders. The collection also includes a wall-mounted wash basin and a wash bowl.

Classic Form. Contemporary function.

In addition to mixers, mineral-cast wash basins, wash bowls and bathtubs

AXOR Urquiola floorstanding bath thermostat and tub.

At the bath, AXOR Urquiola offers a three-hole rim-mounted mixer as well as the floorstanding thermostatic mixer shown here. In addition to wash bowls and wash basins, the collection also includes a freestanding bathtub. The tub and all bowls and basins are mineral-cast for outstanding robustness and durability, then gel-coated for a sensuous, gleaming, scratch-resistant finish. Though sophisticated and contemporary in function, they feature archetypal forms that exude the classic ambience of bygone days.

Sensuous forms in the shower


AXOR Urquiola shower thermostat and diverter valve.

AXOR Urquiola offers a shower column with thermostat in addition to separate mixers and HighFlow thermostats for exposed or concealed installation, alongside an array of diverter valves. These elements can be combined with overhead showers, including the wall-mounted circular overhead shower shown here, and hand showers from the AXOR shower range.


A leading voice of contemporary design, Patricia Urquiola was born in Spain and completed her studies in 1989 at the Politecnico di Milano under Achille Castiglione. Her work often triggers emotions by reinterpreting familiar shapes and references. A recipient of numerous international awards and prizes, Urquiola has been named designer of the year by numerous publications and even designer of the decade. Her creations appear in various museums and collections, including the MoMA in New York, the Musée des Arts in Paris and the Triennale Museum in Milan.

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