1477 Reichhalter.
Wall-mounted mixers in the mountains

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Boutique hotel 1477 Reichhalter

The 1477 Reichhalter in Lana, South Tyrol. In a building more than 500 years old. Formerly a butchery, a bakery, a sawmill, a tavern. Today, a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel. Where minimalism meets individuality. Where present and past, design and undesigned, come together in a truly original mix. Overseen by hotelier Klaus Dissertori. Under the gaze of Braunsberg Castle. Eight exclusive rooms with specially commissioned photographic art on the walls. Thoughtfully selected antiques. Luxurious linens. And, in the bathroom, wall-mounted fixtures from the AXOR Montreux collection.

Wall-mounted mixers: AXOR montreux for a timeless look

A look that’s both timeless and on-trend today: Wall-mounted AXOR Montreux fixtures contrast elegantly with the backsplash while reducing clutter at the washbasin.

AXOR Montreux. Inspired by the Belle Epoque. Steeped in the tradition of the first industrially manufactured mixers. Enhanced by contemporary technology and functionality. In the wall-mounted version, a look at once timeless and totally on trend. Creating a different dynamic in the bathroom. Contrasting elegantly with the backsplash, whether wood, stone, tile or plaster. But wall-mounted AXOR Montreux fixtures are more than just beautiful. They’re practical. Reducing clutter at the washbasin. For easy cleaning and more space.

© Patrick Schwienbacher, Susanne Spiel

Perfection in imperfection: A simple, honest renovation

The eight exclusive rooms at RH1477 combine minimalism with antique charm. Carefully selected furniture and wall-mounted AXOR Montreux fixtures contribute to the overall effect.

The past has not been painted over at RH1477. Architect Zeno Bampi’s renovation is simple, honest, emotional. Old wood floors and ancient plasterwork have been preserved. Perfection has been sought—and found—in imperfection. No wonder AXOR Montreux mixers and showers are so at home here, where old and new mingle freely. And no wonder this tiny hotel—just eight rooms and a welcoming café restaurant—has caught the eye of the best international magazines and most discerning global travelers.

© Patrick Schwienbacher, Susanne Spiel

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