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A photo of Tristan Auer's bathroom concept for AXOR.
“Distinctive means being an influencer and not a follower… Trust yourself, trust your taste, and assume it and show it. But this is a sort of dandy approach, not to show off and tell people, ‘I’m better than you,’ but just to say, ‘Okay, I’m like that.’”
Tristan Auer
A still of the wash place in Tristan Auer's bathroom concept.

AXOR Edge meets "Blade Runner"

Developed by Paris-based designer Tristan Auer as part of the AXOR Personalities campaign, this original bathroom concept takes inspiration from place—not just the sights but the sounds, smells and textures. Auer used the suggested setting of a high-rise apartment in Hong Kong, which he likens to the cityscapes of Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’. Drawing inspiration from the film’s juxtapositions of teeming streets and futuristic skyscrapers, Auer matched a curated selection of materials, eras and surfaces within his design. Among these is the diamond-cut pyramidal pattern of the AXOR Edge faucet by Jean-Marie Massaud.

A still of Tristan Auer's bathroom concept with AXOR Edge.

A stage to prepare one's true self  

The bathroom’s bold, clashing aesthetic is immediately apparent: Auer paired reflective stainless steel with neon lighting and offset it with a graphic mix of light and dark travertine stone for a striking, masculine interior. The hard surfaces and angles evince the beauty found within clear geometry; an idea perfectly expressed by the new AXOR Universal Rectangular accessories. Matching with the AXOR Edge collection in Polished Gold Optic, the AXOR Universal Rectangular towel holders and towel rail deepen the surrounding aesthetic with their clear geometric shapes. At the same time, the AXOR ShowerHeaven 4jet crowns the shower area, boasting a Polished Gold Optic finish that sets a striking contrast against walls of steel and travertine.

A close up of the AXOR Edge washbasin faucet in Polished Gold Optic.

The luxury of precision

Drawn to the textured surfaces and right-angled prisms of AXOR Edge, Auer placed the collection at the washbasin, free-standing bath tub and in the shower. Jean-Marie Massaud’s collection takes inspiration from the French tradition of arts decoratifs, and requires diamond-tipped tools from the space industry to ensure its surfaces of incomparable smoothness and precision. Cantilevered and asymmetrical, the AXOR Edge basin mixer presents a sculpture at the washbasin, while the floor-standing bath tub mixer assumes the same form with monumental elegance. The AXOR Edge thermostat module Select allows control of up to five spray modes in an architectonic design, and is the perfect companion to the AXOR ShowerHeaven 4jet. Finished here in Polished Gold Optic, the collection adds its distinct voice to Auer’s expertly choreographed interior of light, stone and steel. 

A portrait photo of Tristan Auer, an interior designer.

Tristan Auer

A self-described “interior and emotion” architect, Paris-based Tristan Auer sees himself as a stage director, with his clients, whom he regards as accomplices, in the starring role. Although renowned for the sensuality of his designs and for his vibrant mixing of colors, lights and eras, Auer never imposes a style on his clients, among whom are some of the world’s most famous—and distinctive— personalities. Rather, Auer studies them, draws inspiration from them, and creates singular interiors tailored to their individuality.

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