Nove by Citterio
Munich, Germany

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Aerial photoraphy of the Olympiapark in Munich
“The bathroom is a private area conceived for the wellness and relaxation of each building user.”
Antonio Citterio
Office at 5-star hotel level

Architects: Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel
Collection: AXOR Citterio E
Surface finish: Brushed Black Chrome

Winner of the German Design Award 2020, the NOVE by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel is an exclusive office building near the heart of Munich. Clad with a gold-bronze system of window-like frames, this innovative yet inviting structure offers 27,000 square meters of space in which both to work and be at ease. Indeed, the ground floor combines the flair of a luxury hotel lobby with the feel of a piazza. Natural stone, wood, glass and metal come together in a perfect balance of beauty, elegance and function. AXOR Citterio E extends this elegance to the NOVEʼs bathrooms. The timelessly elegant design language of AXOR Citterio E is matched by its exceptional durability. Citterio selected AXOR Citterio E mixers and shower products, citing the collectionʼs “exceptional ease of use, soft and slender design and pleasant touch and feel.” For the finish, he opted for Brushed Black Chrome, an exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surface that harmonises perfectly with the overall character of the building.

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