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Radical simplicity. Universal appeal.

AXOR Uno. Purity of form and function.

Mixers and showers reduced to pure essence

A bathroom collection inspired by the early Modernist aesthetic of Purism, AXOR Uno brings radical simplicity to fixtures for the wash basin, bath and shower. Clean lines, classical geometry and undisguised construction meet precision engineering, innovative technology and options for customisation that Le Corbusier and the Bauhaus could only have dreamed of. The result? A contemporary collection with universal appeal. If less is more, AXOR Uno is most.

Design: Phoenix Design

Less is more

The union of logic, morality and magic

AXOR Uno wall-mounted basin mixer with loop handle.

AXOR Uno is guided by logic, morality, and magic. For me, morality ultimately means the social and environmental responsibility we have as designers. Magic means creating products that people love. And logic is evident in the collection. Because of that, it’s more beautiful. Understanding a product contributes to the aesthetic experience. AXOR Uno is proof of that.”

—Tom Schönherr, Phoenix Design

Based on the golden ratio.

The ideal complement. The perfect counterpoint.

AXOR Uno single-lever Select basin mixer. Polished Brass.

AXOR Uno embodies the Purist ethos of simplicity, balance and self-evident function. Consisting of one pipe in a parabolic curve or two fused at a right angle, AXOR UNO mixers approximate the proportions of the golden ratio. Invariably striking in chrome or one of up to 15 exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces, the collection offers an ideal complement to modern, minimalist settings, but can also provide the perfect counterpoint to more traditional décor.

Low profile. High technology.

Radical simplicity on the outside. Supreme sophistication within.

AXOR Uno single-lever basin mixer with loop handle.
Deceptively simple in form and function, AXOR Uno features a  radically reduced aesthetic that encases state-of-the-art technology for effortless control of water volume and temperature - all at the touch of a button via Select technology, or with a simple push of the intuitive Zero handle. Simpler still, AXOR Uno electronic mixers, mounted on the wall or wash basin, feature infrared sensors that detect when water should flow.
Rectilinear or curved

At the wash basin and bath, variations on a minimalist theme

AXOR Uno floorstanding bathtub mixer. Right-angled.
At the wash basin, AXOR Uno offers wall-mounted mixers for concealed installation, as well as three-hole and single lever mixers with classic loop handles, zero handles, infrared sensors or Select technology. At the bath, single-lever, wall-mounted and floorstanding mixers are available in both curved and rectilinear variants. Rim-mounted three-hole and four-hole mixers come with bowed spout and ergonomic hand shower. 
Exposed or concealed

Purist design in the shower for pure shower pleasure

AXOR 800 shower pipe with exposed thermostatic mixer.

AXOR Uno offers a wide range of options for the shower, from single-lever mixers, thermostats and diverter valves for concealed installation, to exposed sets with hand showers offering three spray types. Born of similar design principles to those of AXOR Uno and so an ideal companion piece, the AXOR shower pipe 800, shown here in Polished Brass, includes overhead and baton hand shower, and features a mirrored glass shelf discreetly integrated into its exposed thermostatic mixer.

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