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Minimalism with meaning

AXOR Starck. The archetype.

The beauty in simplicity

AXOR Starck. The collection that revolutionised bathroom design. Its archetypal form, inspired by the traditional well pump, tells a story of beauty in simplicity. By reducing the mixer to pure essence, just two pipes and a joystick control, it focuses our attention on water itself. The luxury of it. The pleasure of it. The necessity of it. A collection as relevant today as it was at its launch more than 25 years ago, AXOR Starck may truly be described as The Original.

Design: Philippe Starck

Water is life

Deeply, structurally respectful of water

AXOR Starck single-lever basin mixer for wash bowls.

“The idea was to make a design that was deeply, structurally respectful of water. It’s our life. Water is life. And there is a beauty in water. And so, I had the idea of a farm. It’s very simple on an old farm, our relation with water. You get the water from a source. There’s a pipe. You have a bucket. You have a pump. And the water goes in the bucket. The idea was to make something as simple as this.”

- Philippe Starck

Effortless and intuitive

Simplicity. The ultimate sophistication.

AXOR Starck joystick control. Feather handle. Pin handle.

Timeless by design, AXOR Starck evokes the primitive hand pump, humanity’s earliest means of drawing water. Encasing an ultra-slim cartridge to regulate the flow-rate, the iconic single-lever mixer consists of two cylinders - one a vertical base, the other a diagonal spout - crowned by a choice of pin or feather handle. Simple, rational, reduced to the essential, the mixers are adaptable to any bathroom décor.

Pure serenity

In the shower, a celebration of water

AXOR Starck showers. Overhead plate. Baton hand shower.

Radically minimalist in design, the AXOR Starck shower column focuses the attention on water itself. Exposed or concealed, the thermostatic mixer provides precise regulation of water temperature and flow volume. And from above, the generously sized showerplate uses RainAir technology to cocoon the user in superfine droplets. Available with a single spray as standard, AXOR Starck also offers a dual spray hand shower with both immersive Rain and concentrated MonoRain spray types.

Simple, artful, essential

At the bathtub. Relaxation on tap.

AXOR Starck single-lever floorstanding bath mixer.

Reimagining the humble well pump for the modern bathroom, AXOR Starck cloaks ultra-sophisticated technology in a design of pure simplicity. The archetypal mixer is available for the bath as a single-lever for exposed or concealed installation, as well as in two-handle and four-hole bath-mounted versions. An iconic presence in any luxury bathroom, the AXOR Starck floorstanding mixer seen here is especially suited to standalone bathtubs.

Ongoing innovation

Hands-free at the wash basin: The axor starck electronic mixer

AXOR Starck electronic basin mixer.

Groundbreaking at its introduction, the AXOR Starck collection continues to set new benchmarks for innovation and ingenuity. Today, at the wash basin, the electronic mixer features infrared sensors for ultra-precise operation and economical water consumption, all without so much as the touch of a button. All AXOR Starck mixers are available in up to 15 AXOR FinishPlus surfaces.

In collaboration with Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck may be the world’s most celebrated and influential designer. From juice-squeezers to electric bikes, personal windmills to pre-fab ecological houses, hotel interiors to space habitation modules, his work is guided by a vision of creation as the duty—poetic, political, rebellious, benevolent, pragmatic and subversive—to make life better for the largest number of people possible. Together with AXOR, in an enduring collaboration of more than 25 years, Philippe Starck has helped to revolutionise bathroom design. In addition to AXOR Starck, his collections include AXOR Starck V and AXOR Starck Organic.

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