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The Tiny House includes an ample bathroom full of light and color.
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  • Tiny House in Alkmaar, Netherlands
  • Interior Design: Marjolein Jonker, Dennis Belle, Woonpioniers
  • Collections: AXOR One
  • Surface finish: Brushed Bronze
Jonker is a tiny-home pioneer and ambassador based in the Netherlands

A little home with big ambitions

At just 24 square meters, Marjolein Jonker’s Tiny House is the embodiment of the dictum that less is more. Jonker is a Tiny House pioneer and ambassador in the Netherlands, living in her first offgrid Tiny House since May 2016. For the design of her new home, she called in the services of Woonpioniers, a Dutch architecture firm specializing in sustainable wooden homes, and interior designer Dennis Belle. Together with Marjolein they conceived a compact design that feels at once luxurious and in harmony with nature and inspired by her desire for “a simple life with a small footprint, low energy consumption and sustainably-generated power,” Naturally, Marjolein chose AXOR for the bathroom of this innovative home.

The Tiny House features an economical open floor plan with maximum function

The Tiny House features an economical, open floor plan that offers maximum function while creating a sense of spaciousness. A central wood furnace and island divide the living and kitchen areas, the latter featuring ample storage space and a generous counter. Skylights flood the space with sunlight, while an attached greenhouse, which opens to the outdoors, doubles as a living room extension and a plant nursery.

The Tiny House uses AXOR EcoSmart products to conserve water and energy.

Minimum impact, maximum nature

Right down to its construction material—sustainably-sourced, fast-growing wood—every aspect of the Tiny House was planned to minimize ecological impact and foster a deep connection with nature. The home runs entirely on solar power and is able to store and recycle up to 4500L of rainwater, which is used to flush the toilet and for washing clothes. Outside, Marjolein tends to an organic subsistence garden filled with a wide variety of fruit trees, flowers and vegetable plants that attract local birds and insect species.

AXOR One in Brushed Bronze complements the cool tones of the bathroom and enhances its natural atmosphere

Blending minimalist design with Arabic influences, the bathroom is a serene, light-laden place in which to wash and unwind. Hammam-inspired tiling covers the floor while handmade Moroccan wall tiles bring a vivid turquoise to the washbasin area. Complementing the cool tones of the bathroom and enhancing its natural atmosphere are a tap and baton hand shower from the AXOR One range, both finished in Brushed Bronze, one of the exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces. With their reduced and timeless form, the fixtures perfectly embody the essentialist ethos of the Tiny House.

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