A place of regeneration

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“I see the bathroom as a space where I can clean myself — in a metaphorical sense as well. Here is where I arm myself for the day. This space protects me, offers me security but at the same time doesn’t restrict me but rather gives me a feeling of space and infinity.”
Hadi Teherani
A medium shot of Hadi Teherani's AXOR bathroom concept.

A source of new energy

Hadi Teherani designs from personal perception and inspiration. This is also how the bathroom concept for the AXOR campaign 'Distinctive' was born. When asked by the brand how he would define his own “bathroom with personality”, the architect answered with a design that reflects a distinct idea of the space—in its daily use, its design and its furnishing.

A medium shot of Hadi Teherani's bathroom concept with AXOR Citerio E.

Inspired by ancient centers of wellness

Hadi Teherani’s concept features the form of a cupola placed in the center of a house or a hotel suite. Openly laid out, the circular room is accessible from several sides; the four window openings and round arches facing each other are organized symmetrically. In the center, the architect places an organically formed bathtub, around which a spacious shower area and a generous, oval double washbasin are arranged. The concept takes inspiration from the public baths found throughout the Middle East, which typically cover an area of hundreds of square meters, encompassing several individual cupolas that accommodate the reception area, the fountains, the dressing rooms and the bathrooms.

A close-up of the AXOR Overhead shower 300 1jet.

A striking balance of openness and intimacy

Despite its generosity, the bathroom is also meant to be a place of retreat. This idea is amplified by the materiality: Light marble surfaces in the shower area and a dazzling, silver glass mirror mosaic that extends from the floor to the cupola provide the room with visual and haptic consistency without sacrificing sensuality and warmth. Meanwhile, AXOR Citterio E faucets, AXOR overhead showers and hand showers as well as AXOR Universal Softsquare Accessories in Matt Black infuse the bathroom concept with artisanal elegance. Whether in its choice of materials, furnishings or its layout, Hadi Teherani’s bathroom concept is an expression of individual experiences and preferences, holistic thinking and detailed planning — all framed between modernity and history.

A portrait photo of architect and designer, Hadi Teherani.

Hadi Teherani

Born in Teheran and raised in Hamburg, Hadi Teherani is a prolific and versatile designer whose works can be found all over the world. Teherani approaches his architecture and design projects holistically, which regularly win internationally-renowned awards for their sustainable and considered approach. Perhaps that is why he is never out of ideas: Teherani sees the process of creation as a reaction to what he sees, senses and feels — and can uniquely answer the questions he thereby recognizes.

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