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AXOR Edge. A jewel in the bathroom.

A bathroom collection unlike any that has come before

Inspired by the French tradition of arts decoratifs, AXOR Edge explores the world of perfect finishing. Designed as a sculpture, every fitting is an impressive composition of right-angled prisms. Ground and polished with diamond tools from the space industry, every single body shines like a jewel with surfaces of incomparable smoothness and milled structures that are precise to the micrometer. Available in up to 15 exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces. AXOR Edge takes luxury in the bathroom to the next level.

DESIGN: Jean-Marie Massaud

The power of emotion

A jewel. A sculpture. A functioning piece of art.

AXOR Edge single-lever basin mixer. Polished Gold Optic.
“With AXOR EDGE, we wanted to create an emotion by surprising people. When quality is a must, when competence is a due, then emotion must be first. More than a mixer, each product in the collection is a jewel, a sculpture—a real, functioning piece of art that shares your intimacy for life. That’s my understanding of luxury.”
Jean-Marie Massaud
Asymmetrical elegance

A sculptural composition at the washbasin

AXOR Edge single-lever basin mixer. Polished Black Chrome.

Each AXOR Edge mixer is a sculptural composition of rectangular prisms, milled and polished using state-of-the-art diamond-cutting technology. At the wash basin, the collection includes a wall-mounted mixer, a three-hole mixer and a single-lever mixer, cantilevered and asymmetrical, in four heights. With an exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surface, such as the Polished Black Chrome shown here, AXOR Edge becomes an ever more personal reflection of its owner.

Power in the shower

Luxury in the extreme: The AXOR Edge thermostat module with five spray modes

AXOR Edge thermostat module Select. AXOR ShowerHeaven.
The AXOR Edge thermostat module Select brings architectonic design and diamond-cut finishing to the shower. Using Select technology to control up to five spray modes with intuitive ease, the module is the perfect companion to the AXOR ShowerHeaven. Special knobs offer mechanically precise control of water temperature and flow. The module is available for both concealed and exposed installation.
The height of luxury

AXOR Edge at the bathtub: Exploring the world of extreme refinement

AXOR Edge floorstanding bath mixer. Polished Black Chrome.
Monumental in scale, architectonic in form, AXOR Edge is well suited to both minimalist and more extravagant bathroom styles. At the bathtub, the collection includes a bath spout for the tub rim, a three-hole single-lever rim-mounted mixer, a single-lever bathtub mixer for concealed installation, a rim-mounted bath set with hand shower, and an impressive floorstanding bathtub mixer, shown here in Polished Black Chrome.
Micron precision

AXOR innovation: Diamond-tipped tooling from the aerospace industry

AXOR Edge. Diamond-tipped tooling for ultrarefinement.
AXOR uses special diamond-tipped tooling from the aerospace industry to give AXOR Edge its mirror-like surfaces, perfectly chamfered edges and ultra-refined decorative patterns, milled to the micrometer. Unprecedented in bathroom design, the precision is comparable to that used in the optical industry and for the most advanced luxury watches. The entire milling process takes twice as long as traditional polishing and grinding processes. It is conducted in a special facility, with six air dampers to compensate for even the smallest movement or vibration in the building.
About the designer

In collaboration with Jean-Marie Massaud

Since graduating from Paris’ ENSCI-Les Ateliers in 1990, Jean-Marie Massaud has worked on projects in a vast range of scales and contexts. From a volcano-inspired football stadium in Mexico to a ‘Manned Cloud’ airship concept for ONERA to award-winning objects for everyday use, his work seeks to renew its subject through a thoughtful reconsideration of the stakes involved and an instinctive quest for elegance and lightness. In addition to AXOR Edge, Jean-Marie Massaud has designed the AXOR Massaud collection and developed an innovative addition to AXOR’s WaterDream concept.

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