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Atmosphere Spa by Krallerhof

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Iconic harmony down to the smallest detail
Atmosphere Spa Sauna - Iconic harmony down to the smallest detail

Iconic harmony down to the smallest detail

When speaking of ATMOSPHERE by Krallerhof, Hadi Teherani notes: “There are so many unique aspects about this project, ranging from its location, which determined what kind of architecture I should use, to the fact that the owners accepted our design without any modifications and a record project completion time of about 13 months.”

Exterior view of the Atmosphere Spa in Leogang, Austria

The enthusiasm of the Hamburg-based architect and designer with Iranian roots is clear to see when he speaks about the spa and wellness resort in Leogang, Austria, which opened in April 2023. And rightly so, because what he has created here in the heart of the Alpine landscape not only offers the ultimate in relaxation, but also sets new design standards in the world of spas and wellness oases. AXOR design objects play an important role in both the function and design of this project, which has been carefully planned down to the smallest detail of its furnishings.

Interior of the Atmosphere Spa in Leogang, Austria

Each detail defined by the architect

The hallmark of Hadi Teherani's approach is to decide on each detail himself, even in such an extensive project as this one. When it came to equipping the shower and bathroom areas, he opted for taps, showers and thermostats from the AXOR One collection combined with AXOR Universal Circular Accessories in a Stainless Steel finish.

AXOR One Showers in the Atmosphere Spa

The multi-award-winning designer explains: “AXOR was a completely natural choice. The products are restrained, yet iconic, the colours perfectly match the understated essentialist look, and they are easy to use and reliable. These products are an excellent example of how a seemingly small detail in such a grand project can play an absolutely crucial role in creating a positive overall experience.”

The Atmosphere Spa is nestled in the gently rolling foothills of the Leoganger Steinberge mountains

Shaped by the landscape and the elements

As you step into the ATMOSPHERE Spa, you are immersed in a world of absolute tranquility and relaxation. Nestled beneath the gently rolling foothills of the Leoganger Steinberge mountains, the spa itself feels contemplative despite its sheer size, completely enveloping its visitors with its organic forms. Perhaps this spa is one of the best examples of Hadi Tehrani’s approach, which he describes as a completely natural process “because the design is always already there, the setting defines it, and you just have to recognize it.” 

“Here, it was the green meadows, the backdrop of the mountain landscape, and the gently rolling lines of the surrounding area that inspired me to create this organic design. I immediately sensed that I was creating a wellness experience here that is immersive, that is in tune with the elements and symbolizes them.”
Hadi Teherani
Exterior shot of the glass façade, pool and lake of the Atmosphere Spa in Leogang, Austria

Immerse yourself in the view

Inside, the grounds emanate serenity with their reduced colour palette and predominant materials of wood and stone. A 22-meter-long glass facade extends across the structure’s entire face, establishing a visual connection with the surroundings and drawing attention to the unique natural landscape. The highlight is that the window can be completely sunk into the floor, thereby connecting the inside with the outside seamlessly from an architectural point of view as well.

The 50 meter long infinity pool of the Atmosphere

The lake, which is the centerpiece of the newly-formed landscape that surrounds Krallerhof and creates a whole new aquatic experience with its 50-meter infinity pool, which blends seamlessly into the lake. The Olympic-sized heated pool, which is completely enclosed by the natural lake, invites swimmers all year round. The lake itself welcomes guests to dive in and tune out, to swim around and linger at their leisure. The pool is specially-filled with water from the facility's own natural spring and self-regulates its water level by precipitation and evaporation. Meanwhile, the spacious gardens lining the lake provide the site with further biodiversity.

Stainless steel-look showers and innovative thermostats from the AXOR One collection

Intuitive design objects that dispense water

ATMOSPHERE by Krallerhof offers several saunas, a relaxation room, the 'Blue Grotto', a yoga room and a lakeside café. Matching this simple design, the shower areas and bathrooms are equipped with the minimalist taps, monolithic showers and innovative thermostats of the AXOR One collection.

AXOR One mixer in stainless steel look

Hadi Teherani attributes his choice of products to the fact that they are easy to use and that they integrate perfectly into the interior design due to their design and Stainless Steel finish: “When you're under the shower or at the sink, you shouldn't have to think about how to operate the tap. Especially in a spa, everything has to be intuitive to use. Even the way you turn the shower on and off should feel natural. After all, that also helps make the experience more relaxing and rejuvenating.”

Copyright: Hans-Georg Esch

A portrait photo of architect and designer, Hadi Teherani.

Hadi Teherani

Born in Teheran and raised in Hamburg, Hadi Teherani is a prolific and versatile designer whose works can be found all over the world. Teherani approaches his architecture and design projects holistically, which regularly win internationally-renowned awards for their sustainable and considered approach. Perhaps that is why he is never out of ideas: Teherani sees the process of creation as a reaction to what he sees, senses and feels — and can uniquely answer the questions he thereby recognizes.

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