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Reliability and precision

AXOR thermostats. Innovative technology for the shower.

Excellence. Calibrated.

Perfectly calibrating hot and cold water, AXOR thermostatic mixers ensure ideal water temperature and volume in the bath and shower. Exposed, they offer elegant design and ease of installation. Concealed, they merge seamlessly with any bathroom décor. Both offer ecologically conscious water-consumption and luxurious customisation options. Many AXOR thermostatic mixers enable the control of multiple spray outlets, providing an ideally personalised shower experience.

AXOR Exposed thermostats

Striking design. Intuitive control.

AXOR Starck Organic shower thermostat. Exposed installation.

AXOR exposed thermostatic mixers are elegant in design and simple to install. Each mixer encases innovative technology within a striking aesthetic. From the Belle Époque refinement of AXOR Montreux to the natural contours of AXOR Starck Organic, from the purist integrity of AXOR Uno to the urban chic of AXOR Citterio M, AXOR exposed thermostatic mixers come in a range of aesthetic styles.

AXOR concealed thermostats

More freedom in the shower

AXOR ShowerSelect thermostat module with Select technology.

Available in an array of forms, styles and finishes, AXOR concealed thermostats offer an elegant, space-saving solution. Inconspicuous, intuitive controls offer ideal efficiency and comfort. Further enhanced by Select technology, AXOR concealed thermostats enable outlet selection, water volume control and temperature calibration at the touch of a button.

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