Whitepaper part 2
individualisation in the bathroom

A close-up of the first part of the new AXOR whitepaper.

The meaning of luxury is changing

Individualization is the megatrend of our time. Whether it’s a tailored vacation experience, a special apartment, or a customized car, the standards of the modern age reflect a growing belief: off-the-shelf production no longer suffices.

In this context, the bathroom has long since ceased to be a merely functional space. It is charged with personal moments in which users can meet with themselves, as it were. It’s no wonder that one of the most intimate areas of the home is where people want to feel at ease and find facets of their personality reflected in the room’s ambiance. Sometimes they want to submerge themselves, sometimes they want to recharge.

But a big question remains: How can we stand out from others with the same tastes, the same income, and the same values as ours? How do we create and experience true personalization? 

Detailed and thought-provoking, Part 2 of the AXOR Whitepaper, “Expressing your personality. Individualization as the ultimate luxury.” examines personalization in the context of the bathroom, charting its evolution from functional place to a personal space of individual expression.

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