Aerial photography of a marble quarry

Basque Country, Spain & South Tyrol, Italy

“It is absolutely extraordinary to produce natural stone in this thin format.”
Joshua Walter, Master stonemason
Hearing the name ‘Jenn Cliff Massif ʼ recalls the terrain of a hunting story. The white Lasa marble for the cover plates of our AXOR MyEdition collection comes from this quarry in South Tyrol. We use this world-famous calcite marble in addition to black marble from Basque country. Calcite marble is very durable with a stable structure. Only pieces with especially beautiful veining are selected. The edges and gloss must be just right. Production requires flawless specimens. Mining in the quarry consists of splitting large, heavy blocks weighing about forty tons and transporting them into the valley, where they are raw-cut, then cut into slices and raw plates and stored. In Oberkirch, at the foot of the Black Forest, marble specialists cut these plates to production size. The wire saw cuts the plates in half once again, to the desired thickness, before the plates are ground and polished to a high gloss. In processing the plates, the specialists have to meet certain challenges. Their work must be meticulous because the thin stone is easily broken. To make the marble ready for use in the bathroom a process of impregnation is employed. Afterward, the AXOR logo is lasered into the marble and colour-tinted by hand. The finished marble plate is a small masterpiece: brilliant, perfect, individual.