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Aerial view of Arte Surfside Miami showing garden and pools.
““The efforts of the designer should be oriented towards minimizing the impact of corridors and circulation areas in the layout, in order to perceive the space as if it were the widest possible. And then on adding details, such as those we are working on with AXOR for the bathroom area, that give a great sense of quality.””
Antonio Citterio

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Architects: Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel 

Collections: AXOR Citterio, AXOR Citterio E, AXOR Universal Circular Accessories

Surface finish: Brushed Bronze

Sometimes referred to as the “gentleman of design”, Antonio Citterio is recognized for his elegant but unobtrusive style. He takes a nuanced approach to Compact Luxury that reflects his vast experience working on urban projects around the globe. The approach is perfectly expressed in Miami’s iconic new oceanfront residential property, Arte Surfside, designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel.

Arte Surfside Miami is an 11-story oceanfront condominium.


A sculptural 11-story condominium with direct access to the beach, the Arte Surfside exemplifies a key principle of Compact Luxury, offering shared amenities that enhance the overall experience for residents while freeing up private living space. The amenities include an indoor lap pool, an outdoor swimming pool, a collection of spa facilities, a rooftop tennis court, a state-of-the art fitness center, a yoga studio, and lush communal gardens. 
Beach view from the terrace of an Arte Surfside Miami unit.


Attractively positioned between a fully open-able facade and the beach itself, the gardens, spa and outdoor pool at the Arte Surfside create what Citterio calls “a succession of opportunities for recreation and relaxation.” Residential units, meanwhile, reflect another aspect of Compact Luxury, which Citterio describes as “the need for personalized private areas that use their dimensions creatively.” Units are characterized by a highly efficient use of space, with corridors and circulation areas reduced to a minimum. Exceptionally large terraces double as private outdoor living rooms. Bathrooms serve as airy, spacious sanctuaries thanks to the use of natural light, highest quality materials and “expansive areas of glass and transparency.”
Arte Surfside indoor pool featuring AXOR shower products.


Antonio Citterio worked exclusively with AXOR products at the Arte Surfside, Miami Beach. In the bathrooms, he selected fixtures from AXOR Citterio E, a collection characterized by the elegance with which it balances opposites – modern and traditional, rational and sensual. At the washbasin, AXOR Citterio E faucets come in different heights and installation options. At the bathtub, freestanding AXOR Citterio E bathtub mixers emphasize the bathrooms’ sense of openness and space. In the shower, AXOR Citterio E shower bars combine elegance with exceptional functionality and ease of installation. For bathroom accessories, Citterio chose timeless pieces from the AXOR Universal Accessories program, also of his design. And in the kitchens, the architect opted for AXOR Citterio pull-out kitchen faucets. Shaped with precision, from the flat, tactile operating lever to the adjustable swivel spout, the faucets enhance the kitchens’ luxurious sense of quality. All fixtures at the Arte Surfside are finished in Brushed Bronze, one of up to 15 exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces.

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