Crossroads in Shanghai

Shanghai, China

My childhood home is full of good memories.
Shirley Dong
AXOR MyEdition top with artfully decorated marble
Shirley Dong grew up in a large, three-story villa in the heart of Shanghai. Earlier, several families lived there. For her, it remains a very special place. As a child, she was allowed to wander through the house as she pleased. One image is etched into her memory: her mother standing in the kitchen, having a lively conversation with neighbors while cooking. Quintessential Shanghai decor was everywhere: hexagonal tiles,terrazzo flooring, stained glass windows and panels featuring ornamental carvings. When asked what part of the world she would bring into her bathroom, and how the cover plates of AXOR MyEdition, which can be individualized, might make that possible, she envisions several materials: porcelain, marble, copper and COR-TEN steel. Her Place of Memory is a childhood dream, a house full of history and stories.
Architect Shirley Dong
Shirley Dong is an architect, interior designer and founder of the multidisciplinary design group Studio8. She lives and works in Shanghai.