Aerial photography of a cow paddock in Austria

Southern Germany & Austria

“Leather is a natural product. You feel it when you hold it in your hand. It has a special warmth.”
Sebastian Rampf, upholsterer
Like marble and wood, leather is an organic product. The hides used for the AXOR MyEdition leather cover plates come from cattle reared in southern Germany and Austria. Each and every hide is inspected by hand to ensure an unblemished surface. The hide is split down to a thickness of one millimeter so that it can be used to cover delicate objects such as the AXOR MyEdition cover plate.
A majority of the processing is still done meticulously by hand. This includes the sewing of the cover plate and the applying of the AXOR logo with a hot stamp. Nappa leather is used in the interior design of yachts. That gives us the assurance that this leather can also be used in wet areas of the bathroom. Durability meets tangible design. The universal, ancient origins of leather take the stage in the room this way: perfect, luxurious, and sensual. To the hand and eye.