Finest walnut wood from the forests of North America and Canada

North America and Canada

“Walnut is one of the most beautiful high-grade woods.”
Jürgen Gaiser, master carpenter
The walnut used for the plate of the AXOR MyEdition collection comes from sustainably managed forests in North America and Canada, where it is cultivated and processed according to socially and ecologically responsible methods. After the tree is cut down, the logs are sawn and then sliced in a veneer preparation area. The pieces are inspected, and only those with perfect grain
are selected. These fine wood veneers are then glued together by hand. The criss-crossing veneer strips form a stable bond, ensuring that the wood does not warp when it comes into contact with moisture. The veneer packets are pressed and cut to the dimensions of the final format. For additional stability, the wood panel on the back is precision-milled and glued to a stainless steel plate. A laser is used to apply the AXOR logo to the plate. Finally, the exposed veneer surface of the plate is oiled to protect the material and give it an elegant sheen. The finished plate speaks to the sense of touch and sight: It is seamlessly smooth and ultra-refined. The wood keeps its natural color and develops an especially individualized radiance.