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A Game changer.

AXOR PVD Production
AXOR is ushering in a new era in bathroom design. One in which customized products reign supreme. Exclusive colors. Industrial finishes. Custom sizes. Personal inscriptions. Details are everything when it comes to personal style. Differences in color, texture and material can transform spaces. Taking a bathroom from something special to something unique. With AXOR, everything is possible.
AXOR MyEdition tap with wood, marble and leather.
AXOR’s custom-made products: State-of-the-art technology meets the finest natural materials. Design objects crafted with acute attention to detail. A delight to the senses. A celebration of the cutting-edge. Created in collaboration with Phoenix Design. The AXOR MyEdition collection centers on an immaculate statement tap: a simple, clean-lined design. The perfect blank canvas. Choose to add a plate made from one of four exclusive materials. Metal. Wood. Leather. Marble.
AXOR offers 15 different colors – from black to gold.


Colored and textured finishes create a unique aesthetic. Exude character. Elevate a design. AXOR FinishPlus offers 15 exclusive surfaces. From brushed black chrome to polished red gold. Developed in-house by specialists. Created with state-of-the-art PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology. Polished or brushed finishes. Harder than standard chrome. Exceptionally scratch-resistant. The perfect finishing touch for the finest bathrooms.

AXOR offers individualized icons on showers and faucets


The ultimate in personalization. An exclusive service. For discerning AXOR customers. Planners, architects, interior designers. Unique colors: Have your own surface made to order in the color of your choice. Non-standard lengths: Extend the washbasin tap to create a completely individual, free-standing design. Personal inscriptions: Engrave a name, logo or coat of arms onto the piece. Special details: Add Swarovski crystal handles for a shot of glamour. Tailor-made products. Approved by the most discerning architects and designers. Crafted with the most advanced technological precision. AXOR Signature turns bathroom accessories into expressions of individuality.

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