Lake Baikal in Russia: the world´s deepest lake

Lake Baikal, Russia

“For me, the truly fantastic spaces are those we build in our dreams.”
Andreas Diefenbach
Andreas Diefenbach created his Place of Memory in his imagination. He spent the first 13 years of his
life in northern Kazakhstan. Later, he would chart his own path between the primordial wilderness of
central Asia and European civilization. His uncle lived near Lake Baikal. When he visited, his uncle
told him about ice fishing, hunting, and searching for mushrooms in the taiga. Hearing these stories,
Andreas imagined a freezing-cold landscape full of adventure. The frozen expanses surrounding Lake
Baikal became a canvas for his fantasy. He loves frost, snow and ice. For him, snow symbolizes
warmth and familiarity, and frost and ice express something incredibly clear and calm. Even today, he
says, he has his own personal memories of this place, even though he has never actually visited the
Phoenix-Designer Andreas Diefenbach on Lake Baikal
Andreas Diefenbach is a product designer and Managing Partner at Phoenix Design Stuttgart, Munich
and Shanghai. Founded in 1987, Phoenix Design has worked with AXOR since AXOR’s foundation.