Jean Marie Massauds place of longing: a forest near Kyoto

Surroundings of Kyoto, Japan

“Creating is an idealization of feelings and memories.”
Jean-Marie Massaud
Jean-Marie Massaud’s Place of Memory is in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. It was fifteen years ago, he told us, on a rainy afternoon in the middle of the woods about 30 kilometers from Kyoto. The setting: a meditative temple built of wood, white paper lanterns along the footpaths, the smells, the totally unique sound of water, and in the midst of it all, himself and his partner, who knew nothing of what was about to happen. Jean-Marie wanted to surprise her. Just two hours before the ceremony, when they were alone together, he asked her to be his wife. Fortunately, she said yes. So they were married before a group of their closest friends within this magical place. What remains is a unique memory of one of rural Japan’s Resonance Chambers, revealing its essence in the harmony of nature, culture, and time.
Stardesigner Jean-Marie Massaud
The designer Jean-Marie Massaud founded his studio in Paris in 2000. He has been working with AXOR since 2004.