A “Daydream” of a Hotel by Philippe Starck

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Hotel room in the 9Confidentiel, Paris

A “Daydream” of a Hotel by Philippe Starck

On a quiet street in the fashionable Marais neighborhood of Paris is a hotel that seems to exist outside of time. Designed from start to finish by Philippe Starck, the 9Confidentiel is a pastel world melded with light wood, brushed stainless steel, rose brass, wrought iron and the vibrant frescoes of Ara Starck. Inspired by the subtle and sophisticated poetry of the 1920s, the decor shifts between neo-classical and ultra-modern, with touches of Surrealism for good measure. Within this dreamscape, guests will drift into the luxurious bathrooms to discover the beauty of AXOR Starck and AXOR Citterio E.
Covered entirely in beveled glass, with natural stone floors and wash basins cut from marble, the bathrooms of the 9Confidentiel are the perfect showcase for AXOR Starck faucets in a custom Brushed Brass finish.

The beauty of AXOR Starck in a brushed brass finish

Finished in Brushed Brass, both AXOR collections brings a special luster to the bathrooms, which are covered entirely in beveled glass. The faucets of the AXOR Starck collection, which sparked a revolution in bathroom design, are as modern today as at their launch 25 years ago. AXOR Citterio E, a harmonious blend of curves and angles, represents a beauty born of opposites, much like the hotel itself. Both collections fit perfectly with Starck’s vision of a space that is “not a hotel but a daydream.”

Multiple styles come together to create a timeless place

The 9Confidentiel was designed to be an intimate space, a jewelry box, a treasure trove. The poetry of the decor is mirrored in the cocktail menu of Le Confidence bar, which feature nine original concoctions by celebrated mixologist Nico de Soto, and in the dreamlike creations of leading pastry chef Yann Couvreur. For guests, the hotel offers a total experience, an eclectic mix of inspirations that come together to create a singular effect, at once novel and familiar—un beau rêve.

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