Compact Luxury: The future of urban living

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Stealth Building New York - Luxurious living on small space

Compact Luxury: The future of urban living

By 2050, two in three people will inhabit a megacity. Already, shrinking living spaces and outside stresses are fueling the demand for an ever-higher quality of life inside the home. What can architects and interior designers do not just to optimize urban dwellings but to enhance them? To infuse them with character, meaning and soul? To deliver on the personal perceptions of what luxury is? These are the questions AXOR explores with its Compact Luxury project.
“The future of luxury will look very different from how we envision it today. As younger generations reassess what luxury means – prioritizing lifestyles and access over materialism and ownership – the definition of ‘high end’, particularly in the context of city living, will continue to evolve over the next decade.”
The Future Laboratory

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