A fresh approach to hospitality

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Open Bathroom of the innovative luxury hotel Beyond in Munich

A fresh approach to hospitality

The residence’s 19 lavishly furnished rooms center around a communal kitchen, lounge and wine room, all available 24 hours a day. Visitors can rent the entire space, engage the services of the in-house personal chef and entertain handpicked company as they please. While the relationship between guest and host may be fluid, BEYOND by Geisel adheres to the highest standards of luxury throughout, from the amenities on offer to the knowledgable concierge to the customized AXOR Urquiola faucets in the bathroom.
Golden faucet at stone washbasin
Characterized by a fusion of styles, AXOR Urquiola features soft roundings, gentle asymmetries and holed handles reminiscent of 70s industrial design. The result is an unexpected arrangement of shapes, artistically orchestrated and beautifully finished in a Brushed Gold optic very much in keeping with the elegance of the residence itself. A remarkably versatile collection, AXOR Urquiola is equally suited to wildly eclectic decors and minimal, elemental settings like that of BEYOND.
Hotel room with free-standing bathtub in Munich.

In its combination of elegance and intimacy, BEYOND by Geisel is the perfect expression of its own philosophy—that the most beautiful places should feel like home. The residence provides guests with the freedom to order their favorite meals at all hours, offers them open spaces in which to enjoy relaxed conversations, and gives them a sense of connection to the neighborhood. Those fortunate enough to host or be hosted here will enjoy a unique experience of Munich, enhanced no doubt by the bespoke faucet collection in the bathroom.

“BEYOND by Geisel combines personality and exclusivity. AXOR offers a level of customization and luxurious attention to detail that supports this idea.”
Robert Schröder, Resident Manager, BEYOND by Geisel
picture copyright: Marc Oeder
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