Bathrooms of individual distinction

Designed with personality

The bathroom has ceased to be a space solely dedicated to function; it is now a place to express one’s wishes, desires and tastes. In short, one’s true self.

Asked by AXOR to imagine a “bathroom with personality”, renowned designers have answered with their own, exclusive concepts that each express the individual art of distinction.
Ushi Tamborriello's bathroom concept, featuring AXOR ShowerComposition, AXOR Suite basins, AXOR Drain and AXOR MyEdition

A place of magic and respite in the Black Forest

With "Gretel and Hansel", Swiss-based interior architect Ushi Tamborriello and her team present a bathroom full of understated elegance, generous comfort and narrative density.

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Masquespacio's bathroom concept, featuring AXOR ShowerComposition, AXOR Suite basins and bathtub, AXOR Drain and AXOR Starck

A mystic experience above the clouds

The bathroom concept “Utopian Dream,” by Masquespacio is a high-ceilinged, 20 square-meter space that balances neoclassical and futuristic influences.

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A photo of Barber Osgerby's bathroom concept, featuring AXOR One in Matt White.

An elegant sanctuary overlooking the city

With "Skyline", Barber Osgerby imagines a compact bathroom of uncompromising luxury. Refined, simple and rooted in the serenity of nature, this light-flooded space offers a soothing retreat from the bustling metropolis.

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A photo of Tristan Auer's bathroom concept, featuring AXOR Massaud.

A place of transformation

Inspired by Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’, Tristan Auer’s bold, clashing 80s aesthetic is ideal for a personality that is elegant, authentic and decisive.

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A photo of Sarah Poniatowski's bathroom concept, featuring AXOR Starck.

A place of meditation

Sarah Poniatowski’s concept dissolves the boundary between the indoors and the elements. Set beside the sea, the detached bathroom is ideal for a personality that loves to travel, but also knows when it is time to stand still. 

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A photo of Hadi Teherani’s bathroom concept, featuring AXOR Citterio E.

A place of regeneration

From Hadi Teherani comes a bathroom concept of architectural beauty, seamlessly combining the past with the present. Enveloping without being constrictive, the space speaks to a personality that desires security and freedom, tradition and luxury.

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