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Neoclassical inspiration

AXOR Citterio The contemporary classic

An icon of modern bathroom design. Understated yet unmistakably luxurious, with distinctive flat surfaces that brilliantly reflect the light, AXOR Citterio celebrates the preciousness of water itself. With balanced proportions and elegant geometries, the collection suits any bathroom ambience. It comprises an extensive range of products, including faucets in a variety of handle styles.
AXOR Citterio washbasin faucet with floating lever handle.

An icon. Updated

At the washbasin, AXOR Citterio comprises a wide range of faucet types and handle styles. Along with the pin handle, cross handle and original lever handle, the collection now includes a ‘floating’ lever handle that is even more precise, intuitive and easy to use. As a luxurious touch, the new handle is available in an optional “rhombic cut” 3D surface pattern. Like all AXOR Citterio handles, it favors a fluid ease of operation to heighten awareness of water. Elegant and ergonomic, the new handle design attests to the guiding principle of the collection: Those who enjoy celebrating the daily ritual of washing should do so with beautiful objects.
The iconic AXOR Citterio washbasin faucet with pin handle.

A range of faucets for all washbasins

AXOR Citterio single-lever and wall-mounted single-lever faucets with the signature pin handle feature intuitive joystick technology. Available in a range of heights, the faucets are characterized by geometric forms with remarkably flat surfaces, polished by hand for unrivaled brilliance. Also available in wall- and basin-mounted versions, AXOR Citterio three-hole faucets come with minimalist lever handles or classic cross handles. The wall-mounted AXOR Citterio electronic basin faucet with infrared sensors instantly conserves water when hands are withdrawn.
AXOR Citterio floor-standing bath faucet with lever handle.

A form for every bathtub

Tall and slender, the floorstanding AXOR Citterio bathtub faucet makes a distinctive impression. Monumental in its proportions, it weds elegance of function to elegance of form. The faucet is available with the collection’s signature pin handle or the new ‘floating’ lever. The baton hand shower comes with both the gentle Rain and the focused MonoRain spray types. Other AXOR Citterio options at the bathtub include wall-mounted single-lever faucets with lever handles, three-hole faucets with lever or cross handles (for exposed or concealed installation), rim- or tile-mounted four-hole faucets, and a four-hole rim-mounted thermostatic faucet.
AXOR Citterio shower products including baton hand shower.

Precision in the shower

Bring the neoclassical design language of AXOR Citterio into the shower with a range of elegant solutions, including the showerpipe with single-lever faucet and overhead shower. Easy to adjust and to personalize, the showerpipe features an overhead shower equipped with relaxing RainSpray technology and an integrated thermostatic mixer that provides precise temperature control while conserving water. The AXOR Citterio offering also includes overhead showers, baton hand showers, thermostats for exposed and concealed installation, and a range of diverter valves with lever or cross handles.
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