Discover the concept of conscious luxury.

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AXOR FUTURES VOL. 2 - The Long View

Discover the concept of conscious luxury.

The second volume in the popular AXOR Futures series, 'The Long View' brings together prominent designers, architects and industry experts to discuss the latest trends in sustainability and design. Join Anke Sohn, AXOR's head of global brand marketing, and special guests Philippe Starck, Anne Lise Kjaer, Chung-Yi Yang, and Rebecca Weigold as they explore conscious luxury, the elegance of longevity, and more.

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Interviews and lectures


AXOR Futures Speaker Philippe Starck
Our first guest

Philippe Starck

From loudspeakers to chandeliers, everyday objects to sensational interior designs, Philippe Starck is an indefatigable creator. In The Long View, Starck will discuss his belief in the importance of uniting luxury and ecology with aesthetics—an ongoing process that includes his previous work with AXOR, as well as upcoming projects.

AXOR Futures Speaker Chung-Yi Yang
Our second guest

Chung-Yi Yang

A partner at the renowned architecture studio, ACPV ARCHITECTS ANTONIO CITTERIO PATRICIA VIEL, Chung-Yi seeks to improve the quality and use of interior and exterior spaces. In her conversation with AXOR’s Anke Sohn, Chung-Yi will share an architect's perspective on water conservation in projects, as well as the regenerative aspects of her discipline.

AXOR Futures Speaker Anne Lise Kjaer
Our third guest

Anne Lise Kjaer

A contributor to numerous academic papers and publications, Kjaer is a renowned futurist and author who has lectured at Cambridge university and MIT, and speaks regularly at events such as TEDx. As part of her talk for The Long View, Kjaer will define conscious consumption before investigating its importance.

AXOR Futures Speaker Rebecca Weigold

Our fourth guest

Rebecca Weigold

An expert in environmental management, Weigold works at the Hansgrohe Group, where she advises departments and project teams on implementing social and environmental sustainability. During her conversation with AXOR’s Anke Sohn, Weigold will talk about the brand’s eco-design guidelines and ecological commitments.

AXOR Futures Speaker Anke Sohn

Anke Sohn

Anke Sohn, head of global marketing at AXOR, moderates the AXOR Futures talk: "Resources here on earth are finite, unlike the multitude of our ideas, desires and aspirations. This also means that our attitude towards design is changing. We want it to be meaningful and long-lasting. Our primary goal is to combine our outstanding designs with excellence in manufacturing and innovative technology to create products that last a lifetime. Promoting conscious consumption and long-lasting design is our contribution to a more sustainable world."

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