Online Event on November 8

AXOR Futures Vol. 3
Luxury gets Personal

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AXOR Futures Vol. 3 - Luxury gets Personal

Understand the megatrend shaping today, tomorrow and beyond

How is the desire for self-expression shaping modern luxury bathrooms? Is personalization replacing mass production? How are companies combining individual experiences with bespoke products? AXOR Futures Vol.3: ‘Luxury Gets Personal’ offers the latest insights into personalized luxury—from evolving individual tastes to the subsequent planetary demands and challenges.

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Interviews and lectures


AXOR Futures Speaker Oona Horx Strathern
1st conversation

Oona Horx Strathern

International speaker, author and trend expert Oona Horx Strathern uses her multidisciplinary expertise to explore the future of design and architecture. By taking, in her words, “a fresh (female) optimistic approach to living in the future,” Horx Strathern finds inspiration in current trends, arriving at original insights into what tomorrow may bring—be it in the public sphere or our personal living spaces.

AXOR Futures Speaker Richard J. McConkey
2nd conversation

Richard J. McConkey

For over 15 years, British designer and interior architect Richard J. McConkey has created award-winning interiors for global clients including Villa Copenhagen, Ace Hotel and At Six in Stockholm. After serving as the Head of Hospitality at Universal Design Studio, McConkey founded ‘A Studio Between’ in 2022. The London-based studio works between interiors, architecture, furniture and art, shaping each project with the belief that “care translates”.

AXOR Futures Speaker Andreas Diefenbach
3rd conversation

Andreas Diefenbach

A product designer and Managing Partner at Phoenix Design, Andreas Diefenbach has overseen an astoundingly diverse body of work—from design languages to dental chairs, robots to award-winning AXOR collections. Together with the team at Phoenix, Diefenbach seeks to “permanently question the status quo and develop the competitive edge of our clients into the dimension after the next”.

AXOR Futures moderator Anke Sohn

Anke Sohn

Anke Sohn, head of global marketing at AXOR, moderates the AXOR Futures talk: “As a luxury brand, we have a responsibility for excellence in aesthetics, usability and sustainability. We achieve this by working with our design partners."

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