AXOR Starck V.

Glass bathroom mixer.

Glass mixer for the bathroom.

The magic of transparency. Perfection.

Water releases energy. Boldly transforming it into a fascinating shape: AXOR Starck V. With its body made of crystal glass. A real eye-catcher. With its unmistakably organic, sculptural shape. Revealing a true spectacle of nature: the water vortex. In all its power and beauty. Vital and original. An audacious idea. Perfection.

Design: Philippe Starck

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A water vortex in a bathroom mixer from AXOR.

The vitality of water. In your home. At the wash basin.

A grand homage to the element of water. To its power. AXOR Starck V was created in collaboration with the designer Philippe Starck. Out of his passion for this elixir of life. Fascinated by the beauty of the water vortex. Of its original purity. Formed and made visible in glass.

AXOR Starck V is a revolution. A vortex surrounded by complete transparency. This wonder of nature. Creating an exceptional item. At the wash basin. In the bathroom.

Organic and sculptural. A unique eye-catching product.

Extravagance in many facets. In the design and in the use of materials. Crystal glass. Cut like a diamond. Classic and elegant. Or a porcelain spout. An expression of modernity. The mixer spout can be interchanged. It can be separated from its base in one simple click. For customised combinations. Maximum individuality: Base in one of 15 exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surface finishes.

AXOR Starck V with a glass spout in a variety of cuts or with a porcelain spout: Single lever mixer, two-hole mixer with separate handle

Transparent mixer from AXOR.
Glass mixer with separate handle.

Ultimate customisation. In its placement.

AXOR Starck V with separate handle. Sculptural. Unusual. Different. The filigree pin handle can be placed anywhere. On the wash basin. To the left or right of the glass mixer. Creative freedom. Perfection.

Avantgarde technology: Form Follows Perfection.

A sensational designer product to meet the highest functional requirements. Such as the removable spout. Perfect for cleaning in the dishwasher. Thanks to the easy-click-in design and safety-stop function. Innovations which made the spout easy to remove – and at the same time stop the water.

Perfection in the alignment of the spout. With its 360 degree swivel. This means: the water jet is directed to the precise spot, where it unfolds to full effect. Where it strikes the wash basin at the ideal place.

Responsible use of resources. In the choice of environmentally-friendly crystal glass. In the economical use of water. Thanks to AXOR Stark V, an economical four litres of water are consumed per minute. Sustainability. Perfection.

Like the AXOR Waterdreams 2015 and 2016, AXOR Starck V is based on the universal mixer base AXOR U-Base.

Designed in collaboration with Philippe Starck.

French designer Philippe Starck is a free spirit with an unconventional style. He has been a key design partner for AXOR for more than twenty years. A visionary of modern bathroom design. In 1994, AXOR and Philippe Starck triggered a revolution in the bathroom with the first bathroom and living space all in one.

His creations touch people. With his vision of a better world. In products designed to be eco-friendly – mini wind turbines for the garden, hybrid city rollers and solar-powered boats.

Find out more about the designer Philippe Starck and his projects:

More collections and ranges with Philippe Starck: AXOR Starck , AXOR Starck Organic and AXOR ShowerCollection

Vitality of Water
The Axor Starck V glass mixer impressively demonstrates the fascinating water vortex.



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