Every Person is unique.

AXOR Individualisation services.

Colours and materials in bathroom design.

Discovering one’s true self.

Every person is unique. AXOR enables individuals to discover their true self. Because for 25 years, AXOR has been giving bathrooms that special personal touch.This is evident in the impressively wide range of products. Around 2,000 products from different AXOR collections and programmes. Unique in their philosophy, their formation and their style. Inspired by the personality of each individual designer. Groundbreaking. Innovative. Timeless. Iconic products for the bathroom. From classic to avantgarde.

It all began with the AXOR Starck collection. For more than two decades, this collection has been at home in designer bathrooms around the globe. Today it represents a milestone achievement in bathroom design.
Combining AXOR collections, programmes and tailor-made products creates countless ways to give expression to one’s very unique self.

AXOR Citterio E in Brushed Gold Optic


Luxury is all about fulfilling personal dreams. That’s individualisation par excellence. The 15 exclusive surfaces of AXOR FinishPlus set new standards. From Polished Gold Optic to Brushed Black Chrome. Surfaces of exceptional brilliance, robustness and durability. Manufactured with state-of-the-art engineering. From unique specimens to large-scale production. Made in Germany.

15 exclusive finishes.

AXOR FinishPlus. Available in 15 exclusive surfaces. Including Black Chrome and Red Gold – two of our very special colours. Developed by in-house specialists. Based on in-depth research.
Special surfaces, made to individual requirements. Finished in virtually any colour of choice. 

AXOR mixer in 15 special finishes.

“With its polished Black Chrome finish, AXOR Citterio E exudes a personal touch and harmonises perfectly with the hotel's interior.”
- Dietmar Funk, Liberty Hotel proprietor

„AXOR allowed us to customize the colour so that the faucets would work with the brown and silver travertine. The customization is what really made possible the design with such a rich palette of materials."
- Luis Contreras, Il Sereno proprietor

Black mixers in the design hotel liberty.
The luxury hotel Liberty in Offenburg, Germany, builds on perfection from the Black Forest. The 38 rooms and suites inside the former prison building are furnished with AXOR Citterio E mixers in Polished Black Chrome. Harmonising with the washbasins and baths from the AXOR Urquiola collection.
Free standing AXOR bathtub mixer in Brushed Nickel.
Il Sereno luxury hotel by Lake Como, Italy. A modern interpretation of Italian rationalism from the 1920s and 30s. 30 suites offering fascinating views over the lake. With AXOR Urquiola mixers for the washbasins and baths. In Brushed Nickel and Brushed Red Gold. The perfect embodiment of Italian glamour.
Free standing AXOR bathtub mixer with extended spout.
Timelessly classic luxury with an Alpine twist. Ingeniously composed in The Chedi in Andermatt, Switzerland. 169 rooms, suites and residences. Fitted with AXOR Starck mixers for the washbasins and baths. The designer mixers for the baths were extended by 6 cm to create perfection.
Bi-colour overhead shower with extended tap fittings.
Campbell’s Pocket Residence in Australia. Private villa with ten rooms and three luxury bathrooms. Custom-made shower heads and tap fittings with bi-colour surfaces in Brushed Bronze/Matt Black. Unique specimens. The ceiling fittings for the shower heads were extended by 50 cm. Custom fitted to the height of the room.
The individual inscription is lasered on the overhead shower.


AXOR transforms mixers into unique works of art. Transforms designer pieces into very personal showers. Tailored to the needs and tastes of the customer. Longer, shorter, inscribed – these are the exclusive services offered by AXOR Signature.
Whether it’s the distance from the wall to the washbasin that necessitates an extension. Or a desire for modified mixer handles. A unique mixer as an expression of a unique personality. Including initials or a signature. Manufactured by AXOR experts. In perfection.


Debut with the AXOR MyEdition collection. Here, AXOR Signature opens the door to a new dimension for the first time: Metal, wood, marble, leather. A new concept for tap fittings. More radiance. Sensual to the touch. Colours, materials and patterns are the smallest common denominators for unique specimens. The maximisation of individualisation. In perfection.

Marble, wood and leather – never used before in mixer history.
Colours and materials – the most individual mixer of all time.


Setting oneself apart from the masses. Gratifying the need for uniqueness. Striking out in a new direction. This is the mission statement of AXOR MyEdition. Clear, linear designs set the stage for personal fulfilment. For one’s own creativity. With a wide range of plates. Also available in exclusive materials. Individualisation. In perfection.

Design: Phoenix Design.

Available from October 2018. The avantgarde of individualisation in the bathroom.