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Minimalist organic design

AXOR Starck Organic. Inspired by nature.

Inspired by nature, the greatest minimalist of all

Sensuous, flowing design that sets new standards of water and energy conservation, AXOR Starck Organic is radically inspired by nature both in function and in form. Whether at the wash basin, bathtub or shower, the collection’s mixers use 50% less water than standard faucets without compromising the everyday experience of washing. Profound in concept and construct, designed to conserve resources even in its manufacture, AXOR Starck Organic is a groundbreaking homage to the greatest minimalist of all: Nature itself.

Design: Philippe Starck

Revolutionary reduction

There is life inside. There is the energy of life.

AXOR Starck Organic basin mixer. Flowing form and function.

“Nature loves economy. That’s why AXOR Starck Organic looks so reduced yet is so full of new invention. It’s revolutionary, almost nothing, but there is life inside. There is energy inside. As with the shape of a tree, a flower, something very special, there is the energy of life. That’s why I’ve designed this line for AXOR, around this new type of – we can say perhaps – organic energy. Perhaps it’s called harmony. It’s what we need.”

- Philippe Starck

Flowing forms, flowing efficiency

A breakthrough in sustainable design

AXOR Starck Organic wall-mounted two-handle basin faucet.

Characterized by slender, sculpted, energetic shapes that reference natural forms while offering tactile, ergonomic function, AXOR Starck Organic faucets constitute a landmark breakthrough in sustainable faucet design. When turning on the faucet, the integrated water-volume control at the spout ensures no single drop is wasted, while the separate temperature control with pre-set function saves water, energy and that other most precious resource: time.

Substainability every day

Revolutionary, resource-conscious spray technology

AXOR Starck Organic: 90 individual holes on the spray head.

Every AXOR Starck Organic faucet flows at a standard rate of just 3.5 liters per minute. Enabling a stark reduction of water usage, their revolutionary construction infuses air into the water-jet to create a soft, voluminous spray made up of a multitude of micro-fine droplets. Economical and energy-conscious by design, the spray can be boosted (up to five liters per minute) if a more lavish rate of flow is ever required.

Reduced consumption. Reduced Look

A multiplicity of minimalist options for wash basin, bath and shower

AXOR Starck Organic shower thermostat. Exposed installation.

At the wash basin, AXOR Starck Organic offers two-handle faucets in a range of heights, as well as a wall-mounted facuet. Bathtub faucet come in floorstanding single lever and rim-mounted four-hole variations. Shower faucets, valves and thermostats for concealed installation are available in addition to the exposed thermostat seen here, an elegant eye-catcher with optional baton hand shower featuring dual spray modes. These shower fixtures can, of course, be combined – to immersive, soothing and harmonious aesthetic effect – with overhead showers and an array of other modules from the AXOR Starck ShowerCollection.

Relaxation and peace of mind

A sustainable way of being, an equitable way of life

AXOR Starck Organic floorstanding thermostatic bath faucet.

Available in up to 15 AXOR FinishPlus surfaces, from Brushed Bronze to Polished Gold Optic, AXOR Starck Organic can serve as an ideal companion-piece to a wide range of styles of décor. Matching accessories, from towel rails to toothbrush holders to soap dishes, offer a panorama of organic design-objects as options for further furnishing. More than merely the centerpiece of any luxury bathroom, the AXOR Starck Organic collection bespeaks a personal connection to an energy-conscious existence, a sustainable way of being, an equitable way of life.

In collaboration with Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck may be the world’s most celebrated and influential designer. From juice-squeezers to electric bikes, personal windmills to pre-fab ecological houses, hotel interiors to space habitation modules, his work is guided by a vision of creation as the duty – poetic, political, rebellious, benevolent, pragmatic and subversive – to make life better for the largest number of people possible. Together with AXOR, in an enduring collaboration of more than 25 years, Philippe Starck has helped to revolutionize bathroom design. In addition to AXOR Starck Organic, his collections include AXOR Starck and AXOR Starck V.

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