Aerial photography of Iceland, the place of longing of the Chief Design Officer of Design Group Italia


In Iceland you can still find places without any human presence.
Sigurdur Thorsteinsson
AXOR MyEdition plate with unique lava rock
The magic of the Icelandic highlands attracts Sigurdur Thorsteinsson, who drifts through their extraordinary scenery whenever he finds the time. In Iceland, he says, there are still places where no one has ever set foot. These mystical, alternative worlds forged by lava, meandering rivers, fields of boulders, gorges, and gigantic glaciers offer a uniquely profound experience. On a beautiful day, you can be completely overwhelmed by silence, by the elemental force of the landscape and the radiance of nature. When asked what part of the world he would bring into his bathroom – how the cover plates of AXOR MyEdition, which can be individualized, would make it possible – his response is clear: volcanic lava stone. This land of 10,000 waterfalls is Sirgurdurʼs home, its highlands with their elemental beauty his Place of Memory.
Chief Design Officer Sigurdur Thorsteinsson
Sigurdur Thorsteinsson is the Chief Design Officer at the Design Group Italia. He supervises a broad spectrum of design projects in Milan and Reykjavik.