The world, probably the most important place of longing

The world

“If we don’t’ want the earth to become only a memory, fight to save water.
Philippe Starck
For Philippe Starck, our Earth – this blue planet – is the place of all places which must be
protected for all time. Thus, the fight to save water is vital.
Starck is a professional dreamer, fascinated by the history of evolution, from the
appearance of amoebas to the changing consciousness of humans. As a global citizen,
he dedicates his life to creativity - no hobbies, no vacation, always working alone in
Nature, in middles of nowhere, in the forests, the dunes or the mud. Nature is a very
powerful source of inspiration for his creativity: the natural light, the power of elements to
form waves, the vitality of water, the mighty power of the sea. Each place has its own
AXOR design partner Philippe Starck on sustainability and the world
Philippe Starck is focused on the essential: Creation must improve the lives of as many
people as possible. Sharing the same vision, Starck and AXOR have been collaborating
since 1992.