An island near Holy Island, Wales

Trearddur Bay, Wales

“We value moments of quiet, preferably near the sea where we can think clearly.”
Edward Barber, Jay Osgerby
Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby’s Place of Memory is far away from the city: a cottage in Trearddur
Bay on the west coast of Holy Island in Wales. The small Victorian stone dwelling looks majestically
out over the stormy Irish Sea. When they were studying at the Royal College of Art, they retreated to
the cottage together to develop and illustrate their ideas. Lost in concentration for hours, often they
covered the entire floor with sketches. What fascinates them about this place is the continuously
changing weather and tides, and above all, the sense of calm. At one moment it’s raining, but
suddenly the coast is bathed in the most beautiful light. This contrast provided them with a sustainable
source of inspiration for their creativity.
The Designduo Barber & Osgerby, known and awarded for interactive design.
Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby founded their design and architecture
studio in London in 1996 They have been working with AXOR since 2013.