AXOR Futures Vol. 4
The Power of Colors

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AXOR Futures Vol. 4 - The Power of Colors

From sunsets and rainbows to interior design: Color is everywhere, and its appeal with designers and architects is only increasing. But what lies behind this deep yearning for color - and how does it speak to our innermost personalities?

"The Power of Colors" examines the growing importance of color in design through conversations with leading experts in the field. Hear how renowned Parisian interior designer Tristan Auer uses color to create that "wow effect". Find out from color specialist Judith van Vliet how we can all become more fluent in the language of color. And discover from Benjamin Holzer, Head of Product Development at AXOR, the role that surface finishes can play in bringing color to the bathroom.


Color Expert & Founder "The Color Authority"

Judith van Vliet

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Learning the language of color

For over 20 years, Judith van Vliet has helped develop palettes for leading brands with her own company, The Color Authority, while working with organizations such as the International Color Marketing group, where she served as president from 2018 to 2020. Judith describes her vocation as a “mission to help people unleash the right colors in their lives and develop unique ideas for individuals and businesses.”

In our conversation, Judith explains the psychological background of our relationship with color. She also details how color’s role in interior design is shifting to emphasize a more diverse range of emotions, and how we can learn to better understand—and master—our own use of color in everyday life.

Designer & Interior Architect

Tristan Auer

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Behind the "Wow effect"

Widely-recognized as one of the leading figures in contemporary French design, Tristan Auer has created interiors for renowned hotels and organizations across the world. After working for designers Christian Liaigre and Philippe Starck, Tristan founded his own design studio in 2002. His practice is characterized by a rich, deeply-emotional aesthetic vision and a commitment to expressing the unique personalities of his clients.

In conversation with AXOR, Tristan reveals the secret behind his interiors’ signature “wow effect”; how AXOR inspires him to create distinct, personalized bathroom concepts; and why he sees color and personality as crucially-connected components that dictate the direction of his designs.

Head of Product Management AXOR

Benjamin Holzer

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How AXOR makes it personal

As Head of Product Management at AXOR, Benjamin Holzer has spent over a decade overseeing the development of the AXOR portfolio while being a key figure in the advancement of our personalization services.

In The Power of Colors, Benjamin shares his insight on the creative potential of the AXOR product range and Signature services. Other topics include the unique personalities that shape each AXOR collaboration and how surface finishes can transform our perception of shape and color in the bathroom.

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