Jean-Marie Massaud.

A leading figure in organic design.

Designer Jean-Marie Massaud.

Nature-inspired design.

A volcano. Clouds. Waterfalls. Jean-Marie Massaud is inspired by nature like virtually no other. His organic design is famous all over the world. In particular, the sensational football stadium in the Mexican city of Guadalajara. Situated in the middle of a volcanic landscape. Fittingly, he designed it to look like a volcano. Perfect architecture that respects both the topography and the environment.

His unique style is reflected throughout: from the product design through to the architecture. His creations are intended to have an effect on people. And to create a better living space for them. Design and architecture are blended together, heavily influenced by the beauty and usefulness of the natural world.

The bathroom of the future. For Massaud, a landscape. Dreamed up in the AXOR WaterDream. Brought to life in the form of organic faucets, sinks and bath tubs.

Large bathroom in organic design.

Organic bathroom design. Even when it comes to the faucets.

A bathroom landscape. Featuring natural materials. And organic shapes. The bathroom is a place of retreat from hectic daily life. For Jean-Marie Massaud, it’s all about the primordial elements. Their positive impact. And the sensuous experience of water. “I believe that design can awaken true emotions in people.”

In conjunction with Jean-Marie Massaud, AXOR developed a bathroom collection dispossessed of technology: AXOR Massaud. Faucets with a sensuous waterfall. Accessories and sinks that echo the shapes found in the natural world. A bath tub resembling a lake. The natural world, perfectly implemented.

Sinks and faucets in organic design.
AXOR Massaud. Bathroom collection inspired by nature.
Estadio Omnilife – football stadium in organic design.
Estadio Omnilife. Jean-Marie Massaud’s masterpiece of organic architecture. Designed to look like a volcano.
Flying hotel concept Manned Cloud by Massaud.
Whale and cloud. The flying hotel concept Manned Cloud. Designed by Massaud and ONERA. The French research company for the aerospace industry.
Truffle lounge chair by Massaud.
Truffle lounge chair for the Italian furniture manufacturer Porro. Inspired by nature. Par excellence.
Concept car by Massaud for Toyota.
Me.We. Concept car for Toyota: an electric car of the future.
Flow Chair – in organic design.
Flow Chair. The chair range for MDF Italia. In organic, flowing design.

Jean-Marie Massaud. Multidisciplinary.

Born in 1966 in the city of Toulouse in the south of France. Massaud attended the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle/Les Ateliers in Paris. A renowned university for industrial design. His career began in Hong Kong. In 2000, he founded Studio Massaud in Paris together with his architectural partner Daniel Pouzet. Since then, his design artistry has been very much in demand on the international architecture and design scene.

In all his work – whether a car, perfume bottle, hotel or football stadium – he pursues a clear objective: the interplay between man, space and nature. His clients: major international brands such as Cacharel, Foscarini, Lancôme, Renault or Toyota.

Jean-Marie Massaud is presented with sought-after design awards on a regular basis: “Designer of the Year” (2007, 2009), Wallpaper Design Award (2014), Interior Innovation Award (2015). More information on Jean-Marie Massaud can be found at

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