AXOR Montreux.

Classic, authentic bathroom design.

AXOR Montreux.

Authenticity. Perfection.

The time period of the turn of the century. A symbol of fundamental change, and of technological advancement. Cultural opulence galore. Immortalized in Europe's grand hotels. And in Montreux, the legendary spa resort on the shores of Lake Geneva. The AXOR Montreux collection follows this same tradition. faucets, showers and accessories – modeled after the design of the first industrially manufactured faucets. Classic with low spouts or modern with high spouts. Combined with outstanding technology and modern functionality. With no compromises. Perfection.

Design: Phoenix Design

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The evolution of industrial design. At the sink.

Authentic aesthetics. As at the turn of the century. Pipes that are slip-fit and connected with nuts. True to the original style: the bridge faucet with high spout and cross handles. Unmistakably classic. AXOR Montreux includes both: low spouts in its design of the first industrially manufactured faucets. Plus modern iconic versions with high spouts.

Options include: single-hole faucet, two-handle faucet, widespread faucet und wall-mounted faucets. With high and low spouts. With levers and cross handles.

Variations between classic and modern.

One handle, two options. The lever handles interpreted in modern fashion. The cross handles, in classic fashion. Common to both versions: Consistent perfection of form in the style of the early 20th century.

Designed with particular attention to detail: the porcelain inlays with authentic lettering. Faucets that are timeless classics. Perfect for the designer bathroom with a classic appeal. Or as an eclectic statement in a modern interior.


Functional simplicity. In the shower.

Authentic showering. The AXOR Montreux showerpipe. Externally: Belle Epoque. Internally: State-of-the-art in its functionality. With cutting-edge thermostatic technology. And separate control units for both the overhead and handshower. Committed to technological advancement. Just like the era of the Belle Epoque.

AXOR Montreux for the shower: showerpipe, shower set, overhead shower and handshower

Details. Perfectly combined in additive design.

AXOR Montreux is effective thanks to its details. Perfectly machined pipe extensions, valves and discreet couplings, all combined. In additive design. True to the first industrially manufactured faucets. A characteristic feature of AXOR Montreux.

The timeless nature of tradition. For the bath tub.

The bridge faucet. Unmistakable. Impeccably designed to resemble its classical inspiration. With authentic porcelain inlays. In industrial design. A traditional statement on the freestanding tub. Perfection.

AXOR Montreux for the bath: roman tub filler, freestanding tub filler


Authentic design. In every detail.

Authentic accessories. Perfectly coordinated. From toothbrush tumbler to towel bars.

The classic, authentic accessories perfectly complement the AXOR Montreux collection. Perfection in every detail. Throughout.

AXOR Montreux widespread faucet, bridge model.
In the tradition of industrial design. Bridge faucets with high spouts and lever handles. A perfect combination of classic appeal and modern convenience.
AXOR Montreux 2-handle single-hole faucet.
True to the original style, at the sink. Classic with cross handles. Convenient with a high spout. The finest comfort zone.
AXOR Montreux widespread faucet, low-spout.
The classical reinterpreted. Widespead, low-spout faucet. Following its model from the turn of the century. Mixing hot and cold in style - like they did in the grand hotels of that time.
AXOR Montreux handshower with porcelain handle.
Handle with porcelain inlay. Grooved handshower. Unmistakably AXOR Montreux.
AXOR Montreux shower.
AXOR Montreux shower products. Each element is an authentic detail which contributes to creating a perfect whole. Showers in the industrial design tradition.
AXOR Montreux soap basket accessory.
AXOR Montreux accessories: soap basket made of metal. High-quality. Classic. Belle Epoque in every detail.
AXOR Montreux towel bar.
AXOR Montreux towel bar. Industrial design, even in the tiniest detail. Uncompromisingly stylish. Perfectly authentic.

Developed in collaboration with Phoenix Design.

Design partner for AXOR Montreux: Phoenix Design. Independent design studio which has won more than 700 design awards. Focuses on product design in the tradition of the Bauhaus style. And the intelligent combination of design, function and convenience. Has been designing for AXOR for more than twenty years.

Find out more about Phoenix Design at


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