AXOR Showers.

Avantgarde in the shower.

Luxury: AXOR ShowerCollection Wall-Mounted Showerhead.

An absolute must in the shower. Perfection.

Avantgarde in design. Flawless in the room. A captivating water experience. Shower products from AXOR are an absolute must in the shower. A tribute to the precious element of water. Each droplet is sculpted. Precisely. Bursting with energy, powerful and revitalising. Or soft, enveloping and sensuous. The perfect designer product for the body. For the mind. For the room. These products transform the shower into a place that you can truly appreciate. Luxury. Perfection.

AXOR Showers include overhead showers, hand showers, bodysprays, shower systems and thermostatic trims. In many different shapes and sizes. High-quality. Made of metal. With one or more spray modes. In chrome or refined in 13 exclusive AXOR special finishes.

Design: Phoenix Design, Philippe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, Nendo, Front, Antonio Citterio

Overview of all products

Large, rectangular overhead shower, wall mounted

Beauty outside, power inside.

Purist design. That which is essential remains invisible, hidden in the metal plate. A technical masterpiece. And a magical moment when the PowderRain softly envelopes you. Exclusive nozzles were developed for just this purpose. And they retract when you shut off the shower, becoming precisely flush with the metal disc..

The AXOR overhead shower 250 is available in both rectangular and circular versions. Wall or ceiling mounted with an arm, or mounted directly in the ceiling. Two jet types. Select technology.

Design: Phoenix Design

Rectangular excellence.

Reduction creates clarity. Innovation produces top class quality. The AXOR overhead shower 300 combines clear geometry with the soft fountain of PowderRain. Precise jet technology makes the extraordinary possible. In two dimensions: as a fine mist or as powerful rain jets across the entire area. An enveloping cocoon of water.

Rectangular or circular design. Wall or ceiling installation or mounted directly into the ceiling.

Design: Phoenix Design

Shower head mounted in the ceiling.
AXOR ShowerCollection shower system.

AXOR ShowerCollection. Haute couture. Perfection.

Every element equals luxury squared. Geometric, minimalist design. The AXOR ShowerCollection designed by Philippe Starck is a system. It can be arranged and combined in a variety of ways. Vertically. Horizontally. Or unconventionally distributed on the wall. With three jet types in the extensive overhead shower. The shower becomes a customized spa for staging water in a personalized way.

The AXOR ShowerCollection includes overhead showers, shower modules, thermostatic mixers, hand shower, shelves and loudspeaker modules.

Design: Philippe Starck

AXOR LampShower designed by Nendo.

AXOR overhead showers.

AXOR overhead showers are shower heads with character. Impeccable in design. Versatile in function. A unique experience of water. For wall or ceiling mounting.

A perfect example: the AXOR LampShower designed by Nendo. A source of light and water. Dissolving the borders of the room. Also exceptional: its water design. A wide rain shower creates an enveloping shower spray. A new interpretation of the shower. Perfection.


Shower systems from AXOR orchestrate the journey of the water. Showerhead, handshower, and thermostatic valve. Timelessly and beautifully combined.

Perfected in the AXOR Showerpipe designed by Front: Purist pipe design. Exposed pipes and valves, previously found in factories, find a place again — this time with exceptional elegance. From the height-adjustable showerhead on the showerpipe, to the industrial-textured grip indicating "operated here".

Unique. In design and function. Perfection.

AXOR Showerpipe designed by Front.
AXOR shower set featuring Front hand shower.

AXOR shower sets.

From minimalist to classic. The shower sets – a combination of hand shower, wall bar and shower hose – bear the hallmarks of AXOR’s renowned design partners.

For example, the shower set from design studio Front: the aesthetics of the technology. Nothing is hidden. Steel pipe, couplings, valves. The archaic funnel on the hand shower ultimately releases the water in two jet types. Authentic industrial design. Perfection.

AXOR Showerpipe designed by Front.
AXOR Showerpipe designed by Front. A platform for technology. A funnel. A pipe. Couplings, valves. Authentic industrial design. Perfection.
AXOR LampShower designed by Nendo.
AXOR LampShower designed by Nendo. Blurring the boundaries between bathroom and living space.
AXOR ShowerCollection Wall-Mounted Showerhead.
AXOR ShowerCollection Wall-Mounted Showerhead. Square-shaped. Haute couture in the shower.
AXOR ShowerSelect.
AXOR ShowerSelect. Make showers more simple and convenient. With the Select button.


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