AXOR accessories.

High-end bathroom furnishings.

AXOR Accessories. For high-end shelving units.

Luxurious extras. Perfection.

Bathroom accessories from AXOR. Avantgarde details. Towel racks, hooks, soap dispensers, shelves, mirrors and tumblers. Each individual bathroom accessory is a unique designer product. A component of the room as a whole. Of an AXOR collection. Bearing the hallmarks of the world’s best designers. From minimalist to organic. With AXOR perfection.

Modular accessories system by AXOR.

AXOR Universal accessories. Modular design. Perfection.

A new perspective. On what is special in everyday life. AXOR Universal Accessories open up some great opportunities. Twelve elements which are more than just accessories: a unique system made up of masterpieces. Connected by a smart concept. Consistently linear. Timeless. Uncluttered in the room.

Scope for customized design.

An overall composition made up of individual elements such as shelves, soap dispensers and tumblers. A personalised combination. Maximizing customization: The AXOR Universal Accessories are refined in exclusive AXOR special finishes. Polished or glossy. In a wide range of color nuances. From Brushed Black Chrome to Polished Gold Optic finish. Manufactured using the PVD method. For extra luster. For a surface that is ten times tougher. Special finishes refined using the PVD method are more robust. More durable. More resistant to cleaning agents and corrosion. In the bathroom. In the kitchen. Which maintains their value for a long time.

AXOR Universal Accessories designed in collaboration with Antonio Citterio

AXOR Starck. Minimalism in every detail.

Accessories based on archaic models. Familiar shapes. A statement about reduction. Reduced to the bare essentials. A hook resembling a nail. A linear towel rack. Design classics. Perfection.

More AXOR Starck accessories: shelves, soap dispensers, soap dish, toilet paper holder, tooth brush tumblers, grab bars, towel ring, toilet brush holders.

Design: Philippe Starck

AXOR Starck bathroom accessories.
AXOR Starck Organic accessories for orgnaic minimalist design.

AXOR Starck Organic. Organic, minimalist design.

Taking the natural world as inspiration. In all its beauty. AXOR Starck Organic bathroom accessories are implemented in avantgarde style. Flowing, sensuous, just like the natural world itself. Including tooth brush tumblers, hooks, grab bars, towel rails, soap dish, toilet brush holders, toilet paper holder.

Design: Philippe Starck

AXOR Massaud. Bathroom furnishing inspired by nature.

Organic design. References to the natural world. The towel rack resembles a branch. The flower vase and the candle holder are reminiscent of a pebble. The mirror rests against a bough. Bathroom accessories in harmony with nature. Perfection.

AXOR Massaud includes ten bathroom accessories. Uncompromisingly nature-inspired.

Design: Jean-Marie Massaud

AXOR Massaud towel rack.
AXOR Citterio towel bar.

AXOR Citterio. Timelessly elegant.

Clear lines. Precisely carved out, soft radii. Timelessly elegant in its overall appearance. AXOR Citterio includes twelve individual bathroom accessories. From towel bars to a soap dish.

Design: Antonio Citterio

AXOR Montreux. Industrial design in every detail.

Inspired by the period around the turn of the century. References to the industrial design. AXOR Montreux includes eight bathroom accessories. From a soap basket to towel bars. Classic and authentic. Perfection.

Design: Phoenix Design

AXOR Montreux traditional soap basket.


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