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Phoenix Design. One of the world’s top locations for industrial and product design. A leading international, independent design studio. Has attained international recognition, with more than 700 design awards. The classic product designers select modern, clean lines. In the tradition of the Bauhaus style. Their work always focuses on the user. Their credo is based on the three factors of function, design and comfort. To guarantee the perfect user experience. Their creations include office chairs, gymnastics equipment, smartphones and even service robots. Along with bathroom mixers.

Phoenix Design has been a Hansgrohe design partner for 30 years now. And a design partner of the AXOR brand for more than 20 years. Together, they are considered pioneers of bathroom design.

Shower and mixer design from the 1990s.

Trailblazers and trendsetters in the bathroom.

Collaboration with AXOR has generated milestones in bathroom design. Durable mixers that are unbeatable in terms of technology and aesthetics. For AXOR, the Arco mixer from the early nineties. This signalled the start of mixers and accessories in unique design. Completely different from the typical shape of taps in those days. This long-standing partnership resulted in the latest classic bathroom collection AXOR Montreux.

Basin mixer by Phoenix Design.
AXOR Uno. Purist perfection. Phoenix Design stays true to its traditional Bauhaus roots.
Design classics: Fountain pen by Phoenix Design.
Legendary design for Lamy writing instruments: The world’s first range of writing instruments with various interchangeable grip sections.
Classic TV design by Phoenix Design.
The Loewe flat screen with the distinctive feature: the “magic eye”. The striking operating and display element.
Phoenix Design: Also pioneers in designing PCs.
Muramasa PC for Sharp. A technical product provides us with a personal accessory.
Telephone in interactive design.
Interaction design by Phoenix Design: Cordless phone, which perfectly satisfies user requirements thanks to haptic details.
Care-O-Bot, designed by Phoenix Design.
Best user experience design: Care-O-Bot 4. An interactive service robot. Developed with and for the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA).

Phoenix Design. Spearheading German design.

Andreas Haug, born in 1946. Tom Schönherr, born in 1954. Creative thinkers and founders of Phoenix Design. Headquarters of the co-creators of Germany’s modern design history. In the Bauhaus and Ulm School tradition. During the seventies, time was spent working for Hartmut-Esslinger at the legendary frogdesign. Then from 1987 at their own design studio in Stuttgart. Their philosophy: logic, morality and magic.

In addition to the company's headquarters, Phoenix Design also has a representative office in Suzhou, China. The company's own Phoenix Design Academy promotes up-and-coming young designers. Today, over a third of the current 60 employees at the creative powerhouse work on design concepts and technologies of the future.

First place among the international design studios in the prestigious iF ranking. From there, in 2015 alone they won 2 x iF Gold Awards and 21 x iF Design Awards. Find out more about Phoenix Design at

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