for the bathroom

Particularly when designing a bathroom as a place of retreat, you will find that there are as many different personal requirements as there are people.

Axor fulfils these requirements by offering an extensive range of exclusive designer pieces, plenty of inspiration relating to both bathroom and kitchen, as well as planning tools for professionals.

When fulfilling personal requirements, you can count on the Axor experts to act as your dedicated partner.

Bathroom planning
with iSpecify

Be inspired by Axor projects that have already been implemented, in the reference project gallery. Find specific products that fit into your interior design concept and keep track of your costs using Axor's price checker. Use the iSpecify planning tool to precisely plan your project – from selecting the product to preparing the specification.

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Individual components of a gold Axor shower

Exclusive service

Designing a customised bathroom has never been easier. Axor's exclusive services offer you the option of creating tailored solutions in accordance with the customer's own personal wishes and requirements.

Surface finishes, length modifications and custom inscriptions offer that ultimate personal touch – ideal for luxury hotels and the project business.

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