AXOR Citterio E.

Timelessly elegant bathroom design.

Timelessly elegant bathroom mixer.

A symbiosis of opposites. Perfection.

Harmony is created in the balance of opposites. And therefore perfect beauty. Based on the correct proportions – first recorded by the Pythagoreans in ancient times. AXOR Citterio E perfectly embodies the beauty of proportions: combining round and square. Familiar and new. Classic and modern. Balanced in every detail. In design. In its haptic qualities. This results in mixers and showers featuring timeless elegance. Perfection.

Design: Antonio Citterio

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Free-standing AXOR Citterio E basin mixer.

Perfect proportions. At the wash basin.

The school of philosophy of the Pythagoreans was the first to consider the law of harmony. It states that beauty is the result of opposites. AXOR Citterio E embodies this harmony. The modern, tapered spout in combination with the classically designed cross handles. The modern pin handle and the traditional shape of the tap. Opposites in perfect harmony.

In Black Chrome, AXOR Citterio E makes a distinctive statement . This cool black is one of the exclusive AXOR surface finishes.

Conical. Square. Round. Perfection.

Three different basic shapes create a harmonious overall effect. The result is timeless elegance. Which is what the E in AXOR Citterio E stands for.

AXOR Citterio E at the wash basin: single lever mixer and three-hole mixer – as a wall and standard version

AXOR Citterio E three-hole wall mixer.
AXOR designer wall bar and thermostatic shower mixer.

Ideal interplay. For perfect elegance. In the shower.

The perfectly balanced ensemble. Consisting of overhead shower and thermostatic mixer. AXOR Citterio E symbolises elegant showering.

Clearly structured. Impressive functionality. The AXOR Citterio E thermostat module. Controls the two spray types of the AXOR overhead shower 460/300 2jet. Perfect constellation. In the composition of products and in the water arrangement.

Elegance around the bath tub.

A prime example of luxury and elegance: the AXOR Citterio E bath mixer on the free-standing bath tub. Uniformly linear and smooth in its shape. Impressive thanks to its convenient operation. Intuitive switch-over function. Integrated shower support.

AXOR Citterio E on the bath tub: two-hole rim-mounted thermostatic bath mixer, four-hole rim-mounted bath mixer, exposed thermostatic bath mixer, bath filler and floor-standing bath mixer

Floor-standing bath mixer from AXOR.

Designed in collaboration with Antonio Citterio.

Bathroom design featuring the style of the popular architect from Milan. AXOR Citterio E is the third joint bathroom collection. Antonio Citterio is a master of timeless elegance, with a design and architectural studio in Milan. He successfully participates in the development of luxury hotels, residential projects and commercial buildings, exhibitions and designer products for leading international furniture manufacturers. Such as B&B Italia, Vitra and Flexform.

You can find more information on the designer’s website:

More collections and ranges with Antonio Citterio: AXOR Citterio , AXOR Citterio M and AXOR Universal accessories


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