AXOR WaterDream 2016.

New concepts in mixer design.

Ceramic basin mixer.

Vision for the future: “Create your own Spout.”

AXOR unveiled a new vision of mixer design at the Fuorisalone 2016 in Milan. Unique concept mixers made from unusual materials. In intriguing shapes. Presented to an enthusiastic international design community. Designed by the vanguard of design.

The theme of the AXOR WaterDream 2016 was ultimate customisation. Creative people from a variety of disciplines were invited. The goal: to push the boundaries with regard to mixer design. To experiment with new materials and production processes. To discuss the significance and presentation of water within interior design.

Creative mixer concepts.

Five one-off designs. Five materials. Five design partners.

Clay, granite, wood, marble or brass. The possibilities for customisation are endless. In the AXOR WaterDream 2016, designs were developed using materials that are unusual for the sanitation industry.

Any exciting dialogue incorporates different viewpoints. As well as AXOR’s existing design partners such as Front and Jean-Marie Massaud, three other famous designers also contributed to the discussion: David Adjaye, Werner Aisslinger, GamFratesi. Multiple visions. Multiple ideas. For innovative concepts in mixer design.

Bronze waterfall mixer.
Playing with the materials bronze and granite. The result was RITUAL designed by David Adjaye. An upward-facing sculpture. The perfect appreciation of water.
Architect David Adjaye.
British architect David Adjaye celebrates the modern luxury of water as a precious element. “The AXOR WaterDream inspired me to create a mixer that reveals its functions rather than concealing them.”
Ceramic mixer creation.
A mixer not restricted by the typical shapes, functions or materials. THE SEA AND THE SHORE made of clay. Designed by Werner Aisslinger.
AXOR WaterDream featuring unusual materials and shapes for the wash basin
“I've always dreamt of synchronising an object that dispenses water with interior design.” Werner Aisslinger, German designer.
Experimental mixer consisting of bowls.
The material: PVD-refined metal. The concept: showcasing the beauty of water in all its facets. The object: WATERSTEPS. The designers: Front.
Designer duo Front.
Swedish designer duo Front love to test the possibilities and boundaries of customisation.
Bathroom mixer made from bamboo.
A mixer made of bamboo. In its material and shape, ZEN resembles a classic Japanese fountain. Design: GamFratesi.
Designer duo GamFratesi.
“Our dream came true: to design a mixer free of any constraints with regard to shape and material.” GamFratesi.
Mixer landscape in marble.
Marble pays homage to the significance of water. Jean-Marie Massaud’s AXOR WaterDream: MIMICRY.
Designer Jean-Marie Massaud.
Jean-Marie Massaud: “I wanted to play a role in taking mixer design to a new dimension.” The French architect and designer’s concepts embody organic design.
Universal mixer base from AXOR.

The perfect foundation: AXOR U-Base

The basis for the AXOR WaterDream one-off designs: the universal, innovative AXOR U-Base mixer base. The customised mixer spouts are simply fitted onto this. This opens up a new dimension in customisation. Mixer design freedom. Using alternative shapes and materials. Perfect integration into the room's interior design.

A dream that has already become reality: AXOR Starck V . A glass spout – fitted onto the AXOR U-Base.

AXOR WaterDream: The vision of the bathroom of the future.

Perfect products are always preceded by a grand vision. AXOR has had this vision since the early 1990s. As a trendsetter, AXOR focuses on developing innovative concepts for the bathroom of the future. Initially in the form of ideas, without any concrete product. Uninhibited by industrial practicalities.

Since 2003, future research has been a strategic priority at AXOR. At regular series of events, the AXOR WaterDreams. With the best partners in the international design community. Now an integral part of the evolution of bathroom design. And the living space of the future.

Design for a shower of the future.