"Create your own spout"

Designers dream up their bathroom of the future using new materials

Clay mixer with plants on it

Living spaces
of the future

How far can we take customisation? To what extent can water appeal to the emotions? How does the use of materials and shapes help to enhance the emotional appeal of the tap and its integration into the room?

The Axor WaterDream 2016, which the brand first introduced to the international design community at the Milan Furniture Fair, answers these questions.

For the Axor WaterDream 2016, Axor invited five renowned architects and designers to create unique mixer spouts. They were each free to choose the materials and shapes that they wanted.

The collaboration with David Adjaye, Werner Aisslinger, Front, GamFratesi and Studio Massaud resulted in a whole new dimension of customisation, a completely new interpretation of the tap.

The foundation was the universal, innovative mixer base, the Axor U-Base, onto which standardised spouts such as Axor Starck V or one-off designs like the Axor WaterDream creations can easily be fitted.

Collage of five conceptual spouts

Five one-off designs,
five materials

“Create your own Spout” – the motto of the Axor WaterDream 2016. The designers' different perspectives on the emotional impact of water within the interior created some unique mixer spouts.

Clay, granite, wood, marble and brass: the design partners took very different approaches when it came to selecting their materials, but their resulting mixer spouts all draw us into the room. With the marble mixer, Studio Massaud designed a water-dispensing product that is in perfect harmony with the interior design. Werner Aisslinger chose clay for his design, emphasising the durability and the value of the water. The wooden mixer from GamFratesi reinterprets the classic Japanese wooden fountain and draws our attention to the original connection between water and nature.

Freedom thanks to the Axor U-Base

The Axor U-Base therefore provided the impetus to push the boundaries of customisation for the Axor WaterDream 2016. The innovative technology of the universal mixer base gave the designers complete creative freedom, because they didn't have to worry about technical factors or about what happens underneath the wash basin when designing their spouts.

David Adjaye used the Axor U-Base for his sculpture made of bronze and granite, which helped him to achieve a truly unique revelation and celebration of water.

Mixer made of bronze and granite
Mixer with a shelf with plants on it

Axor WaterDream

For more than twenty years now, Axor has been using the Axor WaterDream to develop conceptual visions relating to the bathroom as a living space. Since 2005, internationally renowned architects and designers such as Jean-Marie Massaud or Front have been designing their concept of the “bathroom product” or “water room” of the future.

For the Axor WaterDream 2016, German designer Werner Aisslinger created a water-dispensing product that leaves familiar shapes, functions and materials behind: “The Sea and the Shore” is made of clay and is a hybrid of a shelf and a tap.

Axor Waterdreams
Brass mixer with bowls
Wooden fountain mixer
Marble mixer with a shelf
PR Manager Astrid Bachmann


Astrid Bachmann Axor PR Manager