Alchemist, Copenhagen

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The dome of the Alchemist restaurant with special effects
“It was clear from the first meeting that Rasmus had a vision for what he wanted to achieve. It was an avant-garde vision, and one that AXOR matches perfectly. ”
Mike Duncalf, Designer

A new world of culinary delight 

A night at Alchemist is unlikely to be forgotten. Since opening in 2019, the Copenhagen restaurant has collected two Michelin stars for its highly creative, technically complex dishes and choreographed dining experience. Chef and co-owner Rasmus Munk worked with Studio Duncalf to reimagine the space—a former set-building workshop of the Royal Danish Theatre—employing live actors and visual technology in service of Munk’s self-styled, ‘Holistic Cuisine’. Alchemist leads its guests on a journey—through neon halls, past graffiti-sprayed wall and a towering 13-meter wine cellar—of all the senses. Spread across 5 acts, the 50-course menu is delivered by a team of animators, a dramaturge, and 32 chefs. If the journey leads into the bathrooms or kitchen, guests will discover not one, but three AXOR collections.
Modern bathroom equipped with the AXOR Starck Organic collection.
Alchemist selected AXOR Starck Organic, AXOR MyEdition and AXOR Citterio, requesting exclusive individualization services from AXOR FinishPlus. Hands-free at the washbasin, the AXOR Starck Organic electronic mixers feature infrared sensors for ultra-precise operation and economical water consumption. The ultimate in personalization, the AXOR MyEdition washbasin mixers are equipped with PowderRain technology that envelops the skin in a cocoon of water. And AXOR Citterio, an icon of modern bathroom design, makes a monumental impression at the washbasin with its geometric forms and strikingly flat surfaces. At the Alchemist, each collection is finished here in Brushed Black Chrome, one of up to 15 exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surfaces.
Chef Rasmus Bunk.
“What keeps me going as a chef is the possibility to influence people—my ultimate goal is to change the world through gastronomy,” says Munk. “At Alchemist, we have the opportunity to transport our guests out of their ordinary world and into a dimension outside time and space.” With a 7,000-person waitlist, Munk has already found a willing audience for his vision. Commenting on a range of pressing issues, both political and environmental, the menu is at once luxurious and self-aware, delicious and thought-provoking. Named Best Restaurant in Denmark by White Guide, Alchemist has successfully carved a space for itself at the intersection of art, cuisine and technology, and those dining here will emerge with plenty to savor and contemplate. ​​​​​​​
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