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AXOR Places

What makes a place a place of memory?

The water in the ocean moves with the tides, rising and falling, alternately undulating, continuously changing. Beyond the endless crests of waves lies land that was once undiscovered. The yearning to go there, then as now, is unending. The primordial element of water connects us all. Since time immemorial, it has inspired people to tell stories of legendary rivers and picturesque lakes, of the vast snowscapes of the Arctic and Antarctic. For AXOR, water is the element at the center of everything. Water Stories tell us about what is elemental, about water in the broadest sense and about longing. We learn of the places famous designers and architects long to recall. We accompany gifted artisans as they journey back to the source of their materials. We talk about the individualization of exclusive fittings and spend time in some of the most beautiful places in the world. In the end, it is all about the places we long for.
Saint-Moritz vu d'en haut : Antonio Citterio se sent chez lui ici

Antonio Citterio : Saint-Moritz

Le lac Baïkal en Russie, le lac le plus profond du monde

Andreas Diefenbach : le lac Baïkal

Vue aérienne de la baie de Trearddur, près du Pays de Galles

Barber & Osgerby : Trearddur Bay

Vue aérienne d'une forêt dans la région de Kyoto

Jean-Marie Massaud: Kyoto

Pour Philippe Starck, c'est le monde qui l'inspire

Philippe Starck : Le monde

Vue aérienne d'une zone forestière au Canada

Bois d'Amérique du Nord et du Canada

Vue aérienne d'une carrière de marbre

Marbre du Tyrol du Sud et du Pays Basque

Vue aérienne d'un pâturage de vaches en Autriche

Cuir d'Allemagne du Sud et d'Autriche