Individuality in the bathroom. Of the highest standard.

Perfection is demonstrated in a few select items. These include faucets and showers that are tailored to individual needs. Featuring maximum personality. Designer products that accomplish exclusive requirements for individuality. Due to their unusual color. Their perfect adaptation to the room.

Discerning customers appreciate the customizability. AXOR is the partner to help you fulfill individual needs. For optimum interaction with architects, interior designers and planners.

AXOR FinishPlus: colored surface finishes.

Exceptional brilliance. Unique colors. From Gold finish to Black Chrome. For that ultimate personal touch. The AXOR FinishPlus special finishes are also a highlight in terms of their material properties. More scratch-resistant than conventional finishes. Robust and durable: ideal for a hotel bathroom. The perfect finishing touch.

Brilliant special finishes
Faucet in gold special finish.
Individual parts of an AXOR overhead shower.

AXOR Signature: customized, one-of-a-kind products.

AXOR Signature is an exclusive service. It transforms a product into a one-of-a-kind item with options for engraving. Each facuets bears the hallmarks of the customer. Ultimate personalizations. Tailor-made.

Special one-off products