Colored faucets.

AXOR FinishPlus surface finishes.

Bathroom faucet in gold finish.

A personalized statement. In color.

Colored finishes augment the luxury bathroom and the luxurious kitchen. They give them extra character. They radiate exclusivity. AXOR FinishPlus surface finishes offer even more design options. 13 surface finishes in brushed or polished metallic shades offer scope to add personal touches. Faucets in red gold or black chrome. The most unusual color variants. Or a gold, brass, stainless steel, bronze or nickel finish. All either brushed or polished. Can be perfectly tailored to the overall design.

It’s a question of aesthetic perfection. And perfection in terms of workmanship. AXOR FinishPlus surface finishes are manufactured using the special PVD method. This turns them into iconic products with exceptionally aesthetic – not to mention functional – qualities.


A combination craftsmanship and the latest technology.

Brilliant. Robust. Durable. AXOR FinishPlus surface finishes are exceptional. 10X tougher than galvanized faucets. The physical vapor deposition process gives the faucet an extra metal layer. The evaporation of various process gas mixtures creates different light reflections on the surface finish. With a bronze finish. Or red gold. Excellent color brilliance. Particularly resistant.

The human touch is essential to these high quality standards. Particularly when it comes to the brushed variants. Their specific texture is created by hand.

Gold tub filler.
Exclusivity with gold finish. A perfect example: the tub fillers in the spa at the Four Seasons luxury hotel in Milan.
Faucet in exclusive bronze and black.
Distinctive cutting-edge design: Such as the kitchen faucet in the unique color combination brushed bronze / brushed black chrome. As seen in the AXOR reference property Campbells Pocket Residence in Australia.
Freestanding tub filler in red gold.
An elegant aura created by red gold. Such as, this tub filler in the AXOR Citterio E collection.

Surface finishing. Standardized at the highest possible level.

AXOR FinishPlus is industrially perfected. A guarantee of consistent quality. From the first item onwards. 13 special finishes are available.

Thanks to AXOR FinishPlus surface finishes, a personalized statement can be made with our faucets, showers and accessories. Thanks to their color. Their perfect aesthetics. They become exclusive components of the room as a whole. Perfectly integrated. But always distinctive.

AXOR is backed by the quality guarantee of the long-established company Hansgrohe. With more than a hundred years of experience in the sanitation industry. An AXOR faucet in a special color is available to purchase in identical quality and design for a period of ten years.

The AXOR Configurator presents the 13 surface finishes in 3D.

A special finish makes a product absolutely unique. AXOR Signature is there to take care of special engravings. A special service that gives a product its own “signature”.


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Sample configuration. For further questions in regards to individual configurations, please contact your retailer or AXOR.


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