AXOR Starck.

Minimalist bathroom design.

Minimalist design.

An archetype. Perfection.

AXOR Starck is the realization of a perfect idea. An interpretation of historic well pumps. An archetype. Familiar in terms of shape. Uncompromising in terms of function. A statement about reduction. To the bare essentials. It has been taking the world’s bathrooms by storm for more than two decades now. AXOR Starck was more than just a stroke of genius. AXOR Starck is a milestone in bathroom design. And today, a design classic. Perfection.

Design: Philippe Starck

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AXOR Starck faucet with joystick handle.


Modeled after the historic water pump. AXOR Starck has perfected the simple watering place. A focus on the basics. The faucet spout from AXOR Starck is iconic. Thanks to its cylindrical, diagonal shape. Its overall appearance is minimalist. The pin handle characteristic. The original. A classic.

AXOR Starck on the sink: single lever faucet in different heights, two-handle faucet and in the square version AXOR Starck X with gush spray

Superlative. An archetype. Two handle variants.

Minimalist, even when it comes to the handle. AXOR Starck faucets are easy to control. With classic feather handle. Or modern pin handle. Featuring joystick technology. And an ultra-slim cartridge. A revolution in 1994. Its design characterized by reduction. Form Follows Perfection..


The minimalist. In the shower.

Perfection of the original state. The AXOR Starck shower column with manual shower, lavish overhead shower and integrated thermostatic trim. The combination of shapes is uncompromisingly minimalist: A circle. A cylinder. A rod. Creating a unique overall impression.

AXOR Starck for the shower: overhead showers in a range of shapes and sizes – round, square, shower set with manual shower

The classic. The manual shower.

Perfection and originality. The AXOR Starck showerhead. The shape is uncompromisingly minimalist: A circle. Creating a sleek overall impression.

AXOR Starck showers in a range of shapes and sizes - round, square, shower set with handshower

AXOR Starck manual shower.
AXOR Starck freestanding tub filler.

The aesthetics of minimalism. On the bath tub.

The archetypal shape with the diagonal spout. Linear. Clear-cut. Original. The water flows as if it is coming out of a water pump. The way that it flows out of the freestanding tub filler and into the tub is particularly impressive. Minimalist luxury. Perfection.

AXOR Starck for the bath tub: single lever faucet and two-handle faucet, freestanding faucet for the freestanding bath tub

Designed in collaboration with Philippe Starck.

French designer Philippe Starck is a free spirit with an unconventional style. He has been a design partner for AXOR for more than twenty years. A visionary of modern bathroom design. In 1994, AXOR and Philippe Starck launched a revolution with the first all in one bathroom and living space. Philippe Starck is a creator of iconic design. From the sensational Juicy Salif lemon squeezer to the first ever design hotel. From the yacht to the motorbike. From the baroque armchair made of plastic to the glass faucet featuring a water vortex.

Find out more about Designer Philippe Starck and his projects:

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