AXOR Edge.

Architectural bathroom design.

AXOR Edge wash basin mixer.

Architectonics. In perfection.

The cube. Discovered as an artistic object by avantgarde devotees in the early 20th century. Further developed in AXOR Edge. A luxurious symbiosis of geometric bodies and ultra-precision. A masterpiece through and through. Cube by cube. Assembled asymmetrically into an impressive whole. The mixers break through boundaries in both aesthetic and technical terms. Manufactured with diamonds. For ultra-precise edges and surfaces that border on perfection. Also embellished in part with fine structures. A sign of the highest standards for its select group of owners.

Design: Jean-Marie Massaud


Wash basin mixer by AXOR.

Solid and delicate at the same time.

The symmetry of surfaces and edges. Assembled asymmetrically to create an avantgarde mixer. The fine structure provides the ultimate detail for the mixer and becomes a new, sensuous experience. Exclusivity at a whole new level.

Polished Gold Optic symbolizes luxurious elegance and creates a warm accent in the bathroom. It is one of the brilliant, exclusive colors by AXOR. AXOR Edge in six versions for the wash basin: as a single lever mixer in four different heights, as a wall mounted mixer or as a three-hole version

The ultimate expression of an extravagant personality.

AXOR Edge mixers break through boundaries: the cube as a dominant design element. High-gloss surfaces maximize the characteristic prestige of this collection. Polished Black Chrome raises the radiance to a new level. The special surface is one of the exclusive colors by AXOR. An AXOR Edge mixer is something special for people with unique aspirations.

Black tap fitting, AXOR Edge
Thermostat with hand shower by AXOR.

Architectonics in the shower.

Flat smoothness as a luxury design principle. The individual elements are outstanding in and of themselves. As a whole, the AXOR Edge thermostat module Select makes a statement in the shower. Striking and elegant. Controlled by Select buttons, up to five spray modes or showers can be chosen intuitively. Simply by pressing a button. Mechanically precise. With the ultimate in operation.

The knob that brings temperature regulation together with water volume earns special notice. Highly precise, high quality design.


Extravagance at the bathtub.

Polished Black Chrome is a symbol for extravagant style. A masterful statement on the floor -standing bathtub mixer. The impressive color nuances and dimensions of the mixer fill the room. That certain something extra for those with an extroverted style.

AXOR Edge on the bathtub: Bath spout for the tub rim, three-hole single lever rim mounted mixer, single lever bathtub mixer, concealed version, rim mounted bath set with hand shower, and floor-standing bathtub mixer

Bathtub mixer by AXOR Edge
Structure on mixer, AXOR Edge

Pioneer in technology.

Immaculate surfaces and perfect edges are the result of the greatest precision. And the foundation for brilliance. A state-of-the-art diamonding machine was developed especially for the production of AXOR Edge. With a diamond tool like those used in the aerospace and laser industries. The fine structures are produced in the same way: Diamonds polish the surface facets of the brass block with micrometer precision to produce a fascinating play between light and shadow. The perfect completion for precious jewelry.

Square tap fitting, AXOR Edge.
Architectural wash basin design: AXOR Edge single lever mixer in unique Polished Black Chrome.
Structural detail on the mixer
Fine structure on the handle of the AXOR Edge mixer: for the exciting interaction between light and shadow – and an especially extravagant wash basin.
Three-hole-mixer by AXOR.
Even more exclusivity and individuality for the wash basin. Because of the perfect gloss. Because of the fine Polished Gold Optic finish. Just like the fine diamond polishing on the based on the three-hole wash basin mixer.
An exquisite masterpiece on the bathtub: The three-hole rim mounted mixer with hand shower radiates prestige and exclusivity.
Exposed thermostat by AXOR.
The shelf on the AXOR Edge exposed thermostat is extraordinarily striking, with smooth surfaces. With the Select technology, up to three users have comfortable control.


The French architect and designer Jean-Marie Massaud has been developing avantgarde designs for AXOR since 2005. At the center of his work are always people, space, and nature. No matter if it’s a football stadium or a chair. Or if it’s a concept or an industrial design. Or a product or architecture. For internationally known brands such as B&B Italia, Dedon, and Kartell. His creations are in demand all over the world.

In cooperation with AXOR, in 2005 Jean-Marie Massaud designed an AXOR WaterDream. The design foundation of AXOR Massaud, his first bath collection with AXOR.

For more about Jean-Marie Massaud, see


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