AXOR Citterio M.

Timelessly delecate bathroom faucets.

AXOR Citterio M.

A symbol of urbanization. Perfection.

The city – living space of the future. The modern skyscraper – the perfect urban construction style. Defined by the International Style, the first avantgarde architectural trend. Simple. No ornamentation or embellishments. For example, AXOR Citterio M: towering delicately and elegantly. At the sink. Of the highest standard. In every respect. Perfection.

Design: Antonio Citterio

Overview of all products

High AXOR Citterio M faucet for vanities.

Elegant. Perfectly proportioned.

Slim. Tall. Delicate. AXOR Citterio M is the aesthetic solution to living in the city. An everyday retreat within the bustling metropolis. Understated and low-key in the room. Characteristics: the tapered spout, linear handles. Perfect for an elegant bathroom. For modern urbanism.

Stylish details. Inspired by urban life.

Details can enhance any size room. Such as, the star-shaped handles on this three-hole faucet. Pleasant to touch. Perfect to grasp. Classic in appeal.

The simpler version: AXOR Citterio M with lever handles. Perfection is evident in the detail.

Faucet with ergonomic star handles from AXOR Citterio M.
Simple wall-mounted faucet from AXOR Citterio M.

Reduction, an ideal conception of beauty.

Clean design. Simple lines. Modernity is characterised by its visual weightlessness. This is the philosophy of the International Style of architecture. And of AXOR Citterio M. Faucets that save space. Thanks to their delicate spout. Their linear handle. Minimalist perfection.

Perfect for the wall: AXOR Citterio M single lever basin mixer. With wall flages or plate. In two different lengths. Its classic-looking counterpart: the three-hole basin mixer.


Delicacy. Slenderness. Clarity. In the shower. The design is the perfect solution for spaces that are demanding. Dominating with timelessly urban design: the AXOR Citterio M Showerpipe with state-of-the-art thermostat technology. With a minimalist overhead shower. An impressive performance in just twelve centimetres. Revealing a trilogy of water jets: from a gentle Soft spray to a revitalising Massage spray. Combined with a hand shower.


Designed in collaboration with Antonio Citterio.

Antonio Citterio – renowned architect and designer based in Milan. The Italian design metropolis is both his home and his source of inspiration. His style is unmistakable. His masterpieces are characterised by Italian elegance. Which earned him the name “Gentleman of Design”.

Since 2005, Antonio Citterio has been successfully creating bathroom design with AXOR. AXOR Citterio M was created in 2008. Other collections: AXOR Citterio, AXOR Citterio E, AXOR Universal accessories

Antonio Citterio works for the ‘Who’s Who’ of international furniture design, such as B & B Italia, Flexform and Vitra. Luxury hotels, residential projects and commercial buildings are developed under his guidance as an architect all over the world.


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