Sinks & bath tubs.

Avantgarde in the bathroom. From AXOR.

Sinks offered by AXOR.

Unique bathroom products. Perfection.

AXOR sinks and bath tubs provide the perfect finishing touch for a luxury bathroom. As archetypes. Or as perfect excerpts from the natural world. Designed in collaboration with world-famous designers. Award-winning. The vessel sinks are a highlight in themselves. The free-standing bath tubs are the ultimate stand-alone attractions.

Made from mineral casting. State-of-the-art material. Uncompromising in terms of its durability and pleasant feel. Perfection.

Design: Patricia Urquiola, Jean-Marie Massaud

AXOR Urquiola vessel sink.

AXOR Urquiola vessel sink. Reinterpretation of an archetype.

A tribute to the wash tub. A reinterpretation of the traditional shape. Two classic handles become modern towel racks. A skilful mixture of old and new styles. Winner of multiple international awards for its eclectic design.

AXOR Urquiola for the sink.

Vessel sinks in two sizes (20.5 inches and 14.25 inches x 8 inches). Or as a wall-mounted sink (size: 20.5 x 10.5 inches).

Ultra-modern material: mineral casting. Durable gel coat finish. Pleasant to touch.

Design: Patricia Urquiola

AXOR Massaud vessel sink. The natural world perfected.

Taking the natural world as the ideal inspiration. Water as the source of well-being. The AXOR Massaud vessel sink. A unique organic designer product. Dispossessed of technology. Natural. Perfected by AXOR. Manufactured from modern mineral casting. Resilient. Robust. Durable.

AXOR Massaud vessel sink.

AXOR Massaud for the sink.

Vessel sinks in two sizes (small: 22.5 inches and large: 31.5 inches). Or as a sink for drop-in installation (23 x 18.5 inches).

Material: mineral casting with durable gel coat finish.

Design: Jean-Marie Massaud

The AXOR Urquiola Freestanding Tub.

The AXOR Urquiola bath tub.

A nostalgic statement in the bathroom. Freestanding. Luxurious. Endowed with a lateral slit. A reference to the shape of the handle on the wash tub. This functions as a towel bar. Material: mineral casting with soft gel coat finish. Size: 1,800 mm.

Design: Patricia Urquiola

Modern, organic. The AXOR Massaud bath tub.

Organic design. Inspired by nature. Like a lake. The freestanding bath tub is an oasis of calm in the bathroom. Celebrating the moment. Made from lightweight material with a durable gel coat finish.

Design: Jean-Marie Massaud

AXOR Massaud freestanding tub.
AXOR Urquiola tub and tub filler.
The familiar and the new, perfectly combined. The free-standing tub and free standing tub filler from the AXOR Urquiola bathroom collection. Perfect eclecticism.
AXOR Massaud sink and faucet.
In harmony with nature. Perfection. The vessel sink in organic design and the single handle faucet with a natural waterfall from the AXOR Massaud bathroom collection.
AXOR Massaud free-standing tub.
The free-standing bath tub. Excellent organic design. Forming a perfect, nature-inspired ensemble with the free-standing AXOR Massaud tub filler.


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