Sustainable luxury.

With a water-saving designer faucet.

Open-plan bathroom at a luxury resort.

Ecological construction and exclusive design. Luxury in nature.

A scarcity of resources poses particular challenges for exclusive architecture. For example, in the steppes of Africa. Where water and energy are used extremely sparingly. Yet where the focus is on comfort and cutting-edge design.

Design that is in harmony with nature. Applied holistically. In its design. In its functionality. In every detail. In the interior design. And in the exclusive bathroom. A perfect match for a luxury resort in the nature reserve.

AXOR Starck Organic lavatory faucets perfect this bond. Setting standards in organic design. In sustainability. Award-winning. Thanks to their low consumption of less than 1 gallon per minute. Their revolutionary operation. The innovative shower spray. Thanks to their resource-friendly production. Winner of the Green Product Design Award.

Luxury suite in African design.
Exclusive African inspired design. Nature-inspired in the bathroom.
Luxury in harmony with nature.
Luxury design that is in tune with nature. Both outside and inside.
Sustainable architecture for the luxury resort.
In the nature reserve: sustainable construction is the motto.
Luxury suite in African style.
Open-plan bathroom in the luxury suite. Maximum integration with nature.
Luxury restaurant in the African style.
African outback style is also in the outdoor restaurant.
Lounge area in the luxury hotel in Africa.
The use of exclusive materials – wood, textile and African artisanship.
Freestanding tub filler from AXOR.

Modeled on the natural world: organic design for the bath tub.

A freestanding bath tub with a floor-standing faucet. The perfect embodiment of luxury in the bathroom. An open fire and natural materials exemplify sophisticated cosiness. Inspired by nature. The highlight after an eventful day: a relaxing bath by the fireside.

An exclusive designer touch: the freestanding AXOR Starck Organic tub filler. Sculptural in appearance. From the lavatory faucet to the bath tub faucet. Sensual. Organic. Minimalist. Reduced to reveal the best of nature.

AXOR Starck Organic bathroom collection

Luxury lodge characterized by sustainability.

Kapama Southern Camp. A luxury safari resort in Hoedspruit, South Africa. Between the Drakensberg mountains and Kruger National Park. Exclusive lodges with spectacular views of the African bush and savannah landscape. Seven suites, each covering an area of more than 1000 square feet. In authentic style. Resolutely inspired by nature.

The luxurious bathrooms have large panoramic windows. Furnished with designer faucets from the AXOR Starck Organic collection. After all, these are the perfect symbiosis of sustainability, luxury and innovation.

Sustainable safari resort in South Africa.


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